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National Cancer Survivors Day (4th June)

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About National Cancer Survivors Day

Also known as National Cancer Survivors Day, the Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in the month of June every year, it is being celebrated on the 4th of June.

In the United States of America, it is a secular holiday and the main purpose of this day is to make people aware by demonstrating it to them that even after being diagnosed with cancer, life after that is pretty much a reality.

The origin of the day has started from the United States of America and it is the country where Cancer Survivors Day is celebrated with more prominence, however, many countries have started acknowledging this day and with full encouragement and initiatives from the National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation, the significance of the day is being spread to more and more countries so that they too acknowledge its importance and observe the day for the vital information and knowledge it has to offer.

It was in the month of November in the year 1987 when Merril Hastings had first announced the National Cancer Survivors Day at the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship’s second national conference meeting in New Mexico.

Thus, it was from the year 1988 that the National Cancer Survivors Day came into being and began to be observed by the masses in America. The first date of the celebration that year was the 5th of June.

The day generally sees local hospitals, cities, medical centers, organize a list of events, including parades, exhibitions, contests, campaigns, as well as testimonies from many cancer survivors, who share their stories, encouraging others diagnosed with the illness to not lose hope and give up on life.

Along with India, the other countries where the day has slowly begun to gain prominence include names like Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Italy, the Netherlands, etc.


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