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NARI web portal features & benefits

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NARI Portal Overview

Right from the beginning of their tenure on May 26, 2014, India’s new government has stressed the concept of “Digital India.” The launch of’ NARI- National Repository of Knowledge for Women’ is a recent testament to working towards achieving this concept. Union Minister launched the web portal for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi on January 3, 2018.

The platform aims to disseminate information on schemes and benefits offered to women by the government. It also provides information from both the central and state governments on schemes.

The WCD Minister also provided an overview of the ministry’s plan in the current year, 2018.

Main points about NARI:

  • To access information on various programs provided by different states and the Centre, users can log on to
  • The site provides information on 350 different women’s schemes and will be updated from time to time.
  • Health, Education, Jobs, Housing and Shelter, Resolving Crime, Decision Making, Social Support, and Legal Support are divided into eight separate categories.
  • Depending on age, the search can be encouraged and is classified into four categories: 0-6 years, 7-17 years, 18-60 years, and 60+ years.
  • The details can be accessed by women from all the states and union territories of India.
  • The portal offers connections and easy access to online applications and grievance redress to the ministries, departments, and different autonomous bodies providing these schemes.
  • An updated reel also advises women about the ministry’s latest implementations.
  • The portal offers tips on protection, adoption, health & nutrition, direct advantages, information corner, and program participation.

Security and Safety

The portal educates women about their rights, types of abuse, workplace violence, marital and pregnancy problems. Columns are also identified for reporting these crimes, cyber protection, legal aids, and helpline numbers.


Questions such as who and how one should adopt, streamlined adoption procedures, and other adoption information are addressed by the portal.

Nutrition & Wellness

General wellness tips, maternal and child nutrition, menstrual hygiene, common health issues, check-ups, family planning, and mental health are meticulously described.

Direct Advantages

Around 268 direct benefit transfers (DBT) are listed in the portal, such as the maternity benefits program, RashtriyaMahilaKosh, specifically for women.

This ranges from agriculture, pension & benefits, health education & research, work & skills, housing, and essential services to categories.

Corner of knowledge

In this section, various questions such as how to open a bank account, apply for a bank loan, voting ID, passport apply, and radar card are answered. There are also tips on savings and pensions, taxes, work, and employment.

Involve yourself

This portion deals with various organizations, NGOs, empowering women with whom women can speak. To ensure communication, contact details are given.

Earlier, the issue was that a mechanism for disseminating knowledge to women around the country was not available. NARI addresses the issue and offers information to promote awareness and openness on everything relevant to women. Also, it has made interactivity and easy contact between women and different organizations possible. The platform would allow women to make better use of resources and benefits.

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