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Narayanalayam – popular pilgrim place for the Hindus

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About Narayanalayam

Situated at a distance of around 22 KM from the popular town of Palakkad in the Nallepilly Panchayat under the south Indian state of Kerala, a Narayanalayam is a popular pilgrim place for the Hindus that is specifically and widely known for maintaining the authentic traditions of the Sri Sankara Sanyasi. It is basically an asramam.

The asramam is known for its spiritual veracity that gives visitors the much-needed tranquility, space to think, introspect, and also embrace spirituality to a great extent.

In fact, it is said that every visitor who goes through the exhausting journey at the Samsara Sea, finds extreme solace taking rest and visiting the Narayanalayam asramam.

The center is always bustling with rituals and activities, and devotees coming from all over the country and also abroad. Due to this, the place holds grand celebrations for a list of festivals here that take place all over the year.

These festivals include: Vishu—a festival of huge gathering in Kerala, also known and celebrated as Bisu in the other south Indian state of Karnataka. Guruvayur Ekadasi—a very popular festival in Hindu culture, celebrated on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight. Ganesh Chaturthipopular Hindu festival devoted to Lord Ganesha, a popular Hindu deity, also the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Thirumanacharya Jayanti—to pay tribute to the great thinker and philosopher on his date of birth; Vyasa Poornima—to celebrate the birthday of the author of the great Indian epic, Mahabharata—Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa; Maha Shivaratri—to celebrate the auspicious day of the birth of Lord Shiva every year, in the month of March according to the English calendar; Sri Krishna Jayanti—also known as Janmashtami, to celebrate the birth of popular Hindu deity Lord Krishna, and also a list of other celebrations that take place on a daily basis at the center.

The center also involves itself in being active when it comes to conducting satsangs and teerthyatras (pilgrimages) to places like the Himalayas, the Vrindavan, Kashi pilgrimage, Sabarimala pilgrimage, among many others. Other than this, the center also provides a list of free services to the needy, such as, free medical camp, food distribution for the poor, as well as gosala.

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