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Nameri National Park

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About Nameri National Park

Nameri Tiger Reserve is situated under the foothills of Eastern Himalayas as a mother to every National Park.

Bound with a few streams and their tributaries Nameri Tiger Reserve stands exceptional among numerous other tiger holds in India.

It borders Pakhui (Pakhe) Sanctuary in its northern area. Broken by the stream Jia Bharali and other little tributaries known as Khari, Diji, Dokorai, Diana, Nameri, Doigurung and numerous more are a beautiful marvel.

It is spread in a zone of 200 sq km; it keeps running from the South West repository of River Bar Dikorai, separating the roadway furthest reaches of Sijussa which lies left of the store of River Jia Bharali.

The archaeological zone of this store is a piece of “Eastern Himalayan Mega Biodiversity Hotspot” furthermore “North Bank Landscape”.

The store offers one of the regular and wealthiest territories of the earth in states of ‘plant functional complexity’ and ‘plant functional type’.

It is controlled by the tropical stormy season which applies a draw on overwhelming regular precipitation. The hillocks and the River Jia Bharali are one of a kind appeal of the recreation center.

It is likewise a home for some winged animals, warm-blooded creatures and different species. There speak the truth three thousand household dairy cattle that are casualties for panthers and tigers.

Tremendous sorts of physical and water species like tiger, wild pig, leopard, flying squirrel, black panther, Malayan giant squirrel, clouded leopard, Himalayan yellow throated Martin, lesse cats, rhesus macaque, sloth bear, Assamese macaque, Himalayan black bear, slow loris, elephant, capped langur, Indian bison, Indian hare, dhole, hispid hare, sambar, fox, barking deer, dog deer, and some more.

Fowls like great pied hornbill, Himalayan pied kingfisher, wreathed hornbill and so forth.

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