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Murlen National Park

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About Murlen National Park

In the Champhai area of Mizoram, India is found the national park named, Murlen National Park. The recreation center’s range as far as size is 200 km².

The recreation center is adjacent to Chin Hills and is situated at a separation of around 245 km towards Aizawl east. It is spread around 100 sq km more or less.

The semi-evergreen tropical & Murlen’s Sub montane’s timberland has a variety of rich fauna & flora.

The species that are found in this park is about 150 types of winged creatures, around 15 types of warm-blooded creatures, 35 types of therapeutic plants and 2 types of bamboos. The species that are recorded so far are 4 types of orchids and 2 types of bamboos.

In Murlen Village is arranged the Murlen National Park, which is Chief of Hnahlan’s Saithuama Sailo’s town. It frames a town’s piece Hnahlan.

The characteristic important elements are;

  • Chamdur’s Virgin woods.
  • One of a kind sub montane & semi evergreen greenery for scouring the wilderness.
  • Embedded Forests with sharp steep slopes, with precipices which are high, rivulets undulating, salt licks which are regular at a scope zone 400 to 1897 Mts.

The variety of orchids, canes, Arundinaria callosa, Rhododendron, Prunus Myrica, Pinus Khasia, Michelia champaca, Betula specie, Schima wallichai and Quercus is a blend of vegetation.

Fauna’s which are discovered incorporate hill myana, common partridges, Kaleej pheasant, Hume’s pheasant, squirrel, Malayan monster, rhesus macaque, hoolock gibbon, serow, Himalayan black bear, Malayan goliath squirrel, woofing deer, sambar, panther and tiger

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