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Mukhalingam – Popular Pilgrimage Place

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About Mukhalingam

Located in Srikakulam district in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Mukhalingam is a popular village known for its religious significance in Hindu culture.

Many pilgrims from all over the country take a keen interest in visiting the temples located here as a part of their pilgrimage every year.

The fundamental spot of interest for pilgrims here is the popular Shiva temple known as the Shrimukhalingeshwara Temple, precisely located on the banks of River Vamsadhara at Sri Mukhalingam.

In literal terms, Mukhalingam means a lingam that has a face. Traditionally, a lingam consists of one, four or five faces etched on it, each of the faces depicting and conveying various aspects of popular Hindu deity Lord Shiva. In Sri Mukhalingam Temple as well, the lingam depicts the face of Lord Shiva.

During the days of ancient India, Sri Mukhalingam used to serve as the capital for the Eastern Ganga Kings of Kalinga. The pivotal temple of Sri Mukhalingam was built in an era as early as the 8th Century AD during the reign of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty.

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