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Mood Swings/Disorders in Women—All You Need To Know

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Women are often termed as ‘’complicated’’ beings or ‘’too emotional’’ people, but the truth is being a woman in itself makes the fact stand tall that whatever they feel, they feel deeply.

As a result of which, when they are happy, you feel like you have won the world, and when they feel sad, it is like world war III is all set to begin!

Ideally, the fact is females suffer from mood swings or disorders more than men do, and this can be for a list of reasons.

A depressive phase or trauma can actually do way more damage to a woman than you can ever think of, while a positive change can always keep her and her surrounding happy.

Technically it is all about the brain since the mood swings all come from chemical imbalances taking place in the brain. Endorphin is a chemical which when released, causes a happy and positive mood in a woman.

But there’s another chemical called neurotransmitter present in the brain, which when released, lessens Endorphin chemical, causing an imbalance in the brain, which further leads to mood swings.

Some of the most common reasons a woman may suffer from mood disorders include factors like Emotional stress, pregnancy, financial troubles, low self-esteem, insomnia, eating disorders, as well as trauma or guilt over something from the past.

While mood swings are temporary, mood disorders are long-term mental health issues, which need immediate attention and hence, must be taken into the notice of mental health professionals.

The most common mood disorders a woman can suffer from are:

Women Mood Swing

Bipolar disorder

In this disorder there are radical and rapid mood shifts in a woman, wherein one minute she is indefinably happy and the other minute, her whole world breaks down, displaying a stark contract in her brain functions.

Severe depression

Any depression that stays for over 10 days is termed as severe depression and needs consult of a professional.


This is a long term mood disorder, wherein a person’s depression prevails for over 2 years.

Any form of mood disorder can be diagnosed with the help of a consultation with a mental health professional.

The most common treatment for mood disorders include anti-depressants, therapy, counseling, etc. Type of treatment will always differ from woman to woman, depending on factors like their age, case, background.

Always remember, TLC- Tender Loving Care can work wonders when trying to solve mood disorders in a woman and you should always treat the woman in your life with that!


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