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Mission Prerna UP Overview

Mission Prerna UP (prerna is an initiative, by the Uttar Pradesh government aimed at enhancing the standards in 1.6 lakh schools under the Basic Shiksha Department across the state.

Mission Prerna (prerna is a program designed to assist students in mastering skills like language and mathematics.


Mission Prerna UP (prerna is a government initiative focused on enhancing the quality of education in schools. The program operates on the belief that learning outcomes can be enhanced by equipping students with resources for success. It comprises three elements; student enrollment, resource development and evaluation.

The student enrollment aspect of the program emphasizes ensuring access to education for all students in the state. This involves providing resources like books and uniforms to students while ensuring they are enrolled in schools that cater to their requirements. Additionally it offers support to students facing obstacles in accessing education, such, as those residing in underprivileged areas.

Another component of the program concentrates on fostering skill development.
It is designed to enhance students fundamental skills, like reading and mathematics to lay a groundwork, for their education and ensure they are ready for higher learning levels.

To begin using the program educators should create a teacher account on the Mission Prerna UP website. This allows them to enroll students and monitor their progress online.

Once teachers have signed up they will receive a username and password for logging into the website. They can then access student information update their profiles and manage their accounts.

Teachers can also. Download e Pathshala learning resources, for their students. These resources consist of videos, books and posters to enhance students understanding of subjects.

The process of logging in as a teacher is straightforward. All educators need to do is visit the Mission Prerna UP website ( and click on the teacher registration link. Subsequently a new webpage will appear where they will be prompted to enter their number. Following that they can complete registration by opting for bank upload. The process can be swiftly completed within a period.
This provides an opportunity for teachers to monitor their students progress and ensure they are delivering top notch education.

Skill Enhancement

Mission Prerna UP (prerna is an initiative, by the Uttar Pradesh government aimed at enhancing the standards in the state.

The program focuses on enhancing the skills of both students and educators to guarantee a high quality education for all students in Uttar Pradesh.

As per the UP (prerna administration this initiative will be beneficial for students aged up to 14. They can enroll online. Reap its rewards.

For students this initiative offers a chance to enhance their learning journey enabling them to acquire knowledge and even earn income.

This program is accessible to students in 1.6 million schools across the state. Emphasizes improving reading comprehension skills and math problem solving abilities.

UPs Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath initiated this project with a dedication to elevate the standards, in Uttar Pradesh.
He has established a district task force consisting of 75 District Magistrates, each tasked with monitoring the progress of this initiative.

This marks a milestone for the Uttar Pradesh government aiming to bring improvements, to the states education system by March 2022.

The program is extensive. Requires collaboration from stakeholders including students and educators. It serves as an effort by the government to enhance the landscape in the state.

The Uttar Pradesh government (prerna has set a target that by March 2022 90 percent of children in the state will have completed learning. This objective underscores the states commitment, to prioritizing education.

To accomplish this objective the UP government is rolling out initiatives. These efforts encompass enhancing school infrastructure boosting student enrollment processes and more.

Furthermore Uttar Pradesh has initiated a program focused on enhancing teachers pedagogical skills. This initiative aims to equip educators with tools and resources to facilitate teaching practices and enhance their expertise.
Resource Support

The resource support aspect of the Mission Prerna UP program aims to equip students, with the tools for success. This involves offering students access to up to date resources and materials well as providing teachers with professional development opportunities.

Moreover the program encourages student involvement in activities to foster life skills such as social interaction, leadership qualities and effective communication. These skills are beneficial not in a setting but also in preparing students for future endeavors.

To facilitate this resource support initiative Uttar Pradesh has established resource centers across regions within the state. These centers are furnished with teaching aids and interactive learning resources to enhance the journey of students.

These centers play a role in the Prerna UP program by empowering students to reach their potential. Additionally they offer students a platform, for receiving feedback on their performance enabling them to identify areas of growth and enhance their competencies.

The resource development aspect of the PRErna UP initiative has shown results with students enhancing their performance and showing a greater inclination towards pursuing higher education. Moreover the program has contributed to enhancing the standards, in UP paving the way for a future for students statewide.

One of the standout features of the program is its SMART objectives, which aim to enhance achievements for all students. These objectives are categorized into areas such as learning, skills enhancement and evaluation. The SMART goals are crafted to assist educators in lesson planning, student assessment and progress monitoring.


Mission Prerna UP ( introduced by the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh is an endeavor dedicated to elevating student outcomes. The initiative concentrates on skills that students should acquire at an age. This includes their capacity for reading and basic arithmetic operations – foundations for all future learning endeavors.

While numerous initiatives strive to uplift education standards, in India Mission Prerna UP stands out as one of the programs available. Its primary objective is to enhance quality in UP by concentrating on three key areas; fundamental learning, resource development and evaluation.

The main aim of the programs foundational learning aspect is to ensure that a minimum of 80% of students attending government schools acquire the skills needed for their education. This will enable students to grasp study materials enhancing their performance and paving the way for a successful career.

To support this learning aspect the government is offering resources to both students and teachers. These resources include materials, tools and other aids aimed at enhancing student achievement.

As an illustration the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government recently introduced an app that assists teachers in evaluating students foundational learning abilities. This tool helps teachers gauge their students learning levels effectively and pinpoint areas requiring focus.

These efforts are expected to enhance the standards, in UP and aid students in staying motivated to make the most of their educational opportunities.

Reports from organizations like Pratham indicate that more than half of children in UP lack literacy skills by Class 5. Consequently the UP government has taken steps to introduce 40 minute classes for students, in grades 2 and 3 at government schools.
The UP government is also working on introducing an application that allows students to assess their learning abilities. This app is created for use, in both offline modes.

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