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Migraine headaches—5 mistakes you are making

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About Migraine headaches

If stress and busy schedules weren’t enough already to get you frustrated, there are migraine headaches that just add to the trouble, making you downtrodden, anxious and also feel like cutting off ties with the world.

Sometimes migraine headaches get so severe that one faces photosensitivity, the urge of seclusion from the society and also craves for a complete silent ambiance where not an iota of sound can penetrate.

While there are remedies available to combat the effect of migraine, people still go for the wrong methods to deal with the problem and end up worsening it further rather than curing it.

Here are 5 mistakes people often make while dealing with migraine headaches

1. Taking too many drugs to cure your migraine

So your friend tells you to take one medicine, and you take it. Then your doctor asks you to take one medicine and you comply. You switch to homeopathy and then get back again to allopathy and end up doing more damage than good to your already troublesome headache with the never-ending intake of medicines.

2. Not paying attention to the dosage recommended

You tend to ignore the dosage of the medication that your doctor has prescribed you and often end up taking overdose just in a frenzy to get rid of the pain. Well, not following dosage recommendations can actually cause other health complications besides augmenting your migraine issues.

 3. Thinking of stunning the sun

Many people will advise you to get out of your isolated room and step out in the sun, or maybe take two pegs of a drink to distract yourself from the migraine. Truth is, these activities only worsen your headache. It is always wise to stay put and giving yourself some rest when dealing with a bad migraine headache.

 4. Christening yourself with the “sick forever” tag

While migraine is quite frustrating as a health problem, many people tend to have an approach towards it, considering themselves to be forever damaged with this irksome headache. This attitude will never help you overcome the downsides of migraines and will obviously give you an image of a sick bird overall.

5. Not giving yourself enough rest

Any ailment requires quite an amount of rest in order to pave the way for your body to recover. Migraine sufferers face frequent jolts of headaches and despite such a routine problem, they forget to give their body and mind the amount of rest it deserves.

So from next time, make sure to indulge yourself in activities like yoga and meditation to keep your mind and body calm, and also get some sound sleep.

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