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Microsoft’s Latest AI Technology Can Read Documents, Answer Questions

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About Artificial intelligence Technology

In an all-new technological progress, researchers at Microsoft have created a brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can read documents and answer questions about it, as good as a human does.

In a blog post on Tuesday, senior writer Allison Linn at Microsoft wrote, ‘’It’s a major milestone in the push to have search engines such as Bing and intelligent assistants such as Cortana interact with people and provide information in more natural ways, much like people communicate with each other.’’

The human parity milestone of this development was reached by the Asia Microsoft Research Team using the ‘’Stanford Question Answering Dataset,’’ which is commonly known among the researchers as ‘’SQuAD.’’

The SQuAD is a machine reading comprehension dataset that is composed of questions that are about a set of Wikipedia articles. It would be interesting for you to know that according to the SQuAD leader-board, Microsoft had submitted a model that reached a complete score of 82.650 on the exact matched part and the human performance for that very same set of questions was a complete score of 82.304.

Researchers at Alibaba, a popular Chinese e-commerce company, on January 5 submitted a complete score of 82.440, which is also about the same as a human score.

The blog post by Linn further read: The two companies are currently tied for first place on the SQuAD ‘leader board’ which lists the results of research organisations’ efforts.

The researchers say that with such kind of machine reading comprehension, computers would be able to effectively parse through information available on various types of documents, books, and provide the people with the exact answers/information they are looking for in a rather comprehensive way, which is easy to understand for majority.

‘’These tools also could let doctors, lawyers and other experts more quickly get through the drudgery of things like reading through large documents for specific medical findings or rarified legal precedent,’’ Linn added.


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