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Microsoft launches Xbox One X console

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About Xbox One X console

The latest console from Microsoft, the Xbox One X has been finally unveiled by the company, and it comes with an impressive 4k high-resolution capacities and a processor that comes decked with liquid cooling technology, which leads the makers to claim that this is the most efficient and powerful game console to come to fore till date.

The console was unveiled at the Microsoft E3 2017 presentation in Los Angeles, by the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer. Currently, the Microsoft Xbox One X console is the smallest console in the entire Xbox family, and the worldwide sale of the same is slated to go on floors starting from the month of November this year.

The console will be available at a price of $499 and it will be fully compatible with all existing Xbox One games we as well as accessories.

The new addition to the Xbox family, boasts of an amazing graphics processing unit full of new features, running at 1172 MHZ and like mentioned above, the console’s processor also has a liquid cooling vapor chamber. Currently, the hardware of the Xbox One X will have a direct competition with the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, which too is the latest addition to the PlayStation family in the market.

The software engineering chief of the Xbox One X has affirmed that the console is all about high dynamic range, wide colors gamut, 4k high resolution, as well as premium sound, which totally makes it a worthwhile and exciting experience for Xbox lovers.

With the addition of this console, another icing on the cake is the fact that users of prominent and popular games, such as Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Killer Instinct, etc. will get free upgrades to 4K for all these games.

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