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Mahila Samakhya Programme: Objectives, Benefits

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Mahila Samakhya Programme that was launched in 1988 aimed to pursue the objective of National Policy on Education, 1986. The NPE, in 1986, acknowledged that the empowerment of women could be done by the participation of girls and women in the education process.

They believed that education could prove to be a useful tool in the empowerment of women.  The main aim was the achievement of the goals of the New Education Policy and Programme of action.

The program for the education and empowerment of women, those living in rural areas, or belonging to the economically and socially marginalized groups.

What is the Mahila Samakhya Programme?


The program was an initiative taken by the Department of Education of the Government of India, which aimed to improve the status of the women in the rural areas and those belonging to marginalized groups.

The program, though, was a small project when it started but has grown so vast that it is being implemented in 60 backward districts, covering around 9000 villages and ten states.

Initially, only 3 out of 10 states, namely UP, Jharkhand, and Karnataka got selected. It is now implemented in the other states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Gujarat, and Uttaranchal.

MS is a registered society controlled and funded by the MHRD and works in close association with the state government. The main aim of the program is to develop a bridge between NGOs and the Government.

It is an autonomous body, and each state has set different goals for the empowerment of women, depending on the needs of the state.

Objectives of the Mahila Samakhya Programme:


The program aimed at the development of women and removing gender-based discrimination from the country. The framework of the Mahila Samakhya Programme are as follows –

  • Reinforcing dignity and self-confidence in women.
  • Recognizing the contribution of women to society, polity, and economy.
  • Developing the ability to think seriously.
  • Promote the quality of decision making.
  • Enable women to make sensible choices in the field of education, health, and employment.
  • She was assuring equal participation in the process of development.
  • We are empowering information, knowledge, and skill to make them economically independent.
  • Training women collectives to stop incidents of violence against women.
  • To enhance the opportunity for the education of adolescent girls and women.
  • Creating a supportive environment for the women so that they develop skills and educate themselves.

Areas on which the Mahila Samkhya works

The Mahila Samakhya Programme, which is launched for the development of women, aimed to work on the following areas.

  • Developing organizational capacities within sanghas and federations
  • Women’s issues that include legal awareness and violence against women
  • Networking with government and other agencies for economic empowerment
  • Economic empowerment
  • Creating gender awareness
  • Education, which stresses the education of adolescents and is the main strength of the program.
  • Health action
  • Political participation

Basis of a selection of women for the Mahila Samakhya Programme:


The districts of the first three states under the Mahila Samakhya Programme are selected by taking into account the following points.

  • The districts with the low female literacy rate are recorded based on insufficient enrollment and retention of girls.
  • Dynamics voluntary organizations are working in the district.
  • Districts that are representative of the different regions within the state.

The Mahila Samakhya Programme has given rise to a flexible and vibrant structure, neither Government nor non- Governmental. The program has adapted the best thing from both of them.

The program is continuing to evolve and turn more innovative based on experience and understanding. The strategies of the program are continuously reviewed and developed to make Mahila Samakhya Sanghas independent. The procedures, plans, and budgets for the program are also always simplified.

The Mahila Samakhya Programme has proved to be very beneficial in improving women worldwide, and more than two lakhs women and organizations are being benefited from the program launched by the government. The program has become successful with the involvement of people other than from the government.


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