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Maha Devi Tirth Temple – Popular Hindu Temple

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About Maha Devi Tirth Temple

Located in the city of Kullu in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, the Maha Devi Tirth Temple is a popular Hindu pilgrim place, devoted to the famous Hindu deity Goddess Parvati.

Although the structure isn’t as ancient as other popular holy shrines of the country, it still happens to be one of the densest pilgrim places, bustling with devotees from all over the country 24×7.

The temple is located near the holy river Beas and was built in the year 1966. Its foundation stone was laid by the prominent Swami Sevak Das Ji, who was a profound devotee of the goddess.

Geographically, it is only 5 KM away from the main city of Kullu and consists of a list of other significant shrines in Hindu culture. Another important aspect of this pilgrim place is a center housing handicraft goods related to Maha Devi Tirth, which pilgrims find keen interest in buying as a token of remembrance of the pilgrimage.

The Maha Devi Tirth Temple is regarded as the Vaishno Devi Temple among the local people of Kullu, drawing reference from the real Vaishno Devi temple, one of the most famous temples of India in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

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