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Madhya Pradesh Samagra Portal Features, Benefits

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Madhya Pradesh Samagra Portal Overview

Just as the Aadhaar card is essential for the country’s people, the citizens of Madhya Pradesh must also have a comprehensive ID. If an individual has a Samagra ID, the state’s schemes and services can be used. If a Samagra ID is registered, the state government also has the data of the residents.

To obtain financial assistance for the schemes, all beneficiaries are expected to have single savings account on the Samagra portal. The benefits of all schemes and services are provided directly via the Treasury in the beneficiary portal’s savings account.

All applicants eligible to apply for an online application can then download the official notice and carefully read all eligibility requirements and the application process. We will provide short “SSSM ID 2020” data such as Scheme Gain, Eligibility Requirements, Scheme Main Features, Application Status, Application Process, and more.

SSSM ID Form for Application:

Samagra Portal: A joint integrated program to promote the paradigm shift from a traditional governance model centered on demand to an all-inclusive, holistic, constructive, and entitlement-based model.

The platform’s concept is to provide people with a specific emphasis on several welfare schemes, financial services, and facilities.

  • Disadvantaged (below poverty line)
  • Elderly people
  • Children
  • Widows
  • Disabled
  • Women

This mechanism provides financial inclusion, direct benefit transfer (DBT), state and central schemes, and the SamagraSamajik Suraksha Mission (SSSM).

On the Samagra portal, the different facilities available include:

  • Family ID of Samagra
  • Samagra Family Dashboard
  • Portal of Samagra Shiksha
  • Praman Portal
  • Pension Portal of Samagra

Let’s dive further to find out more information about the programs and what advantages can be made use of.


  1. Rationalization of scheme prices and the amount of assistance.
  2. Simplify processes and laws.
  3. Assistance to the qualifying beneficiary without hindrance in the stipulated period.
  4. To prevent the fulfillment of formalities from getting assistance.
  5. To take minimal time to get help, use e-banking facilities.
  6. To reach out to underprivileged, needy, handicapped, and far-flung, and vulnerable beneficiaries.
  7. Transparency in the execution of the schemes and systematic analysis.

Phase to Apply Online SSSM ID Application Form 2020

Phase 1– Visit the SSSM ID of the Official Site, i.e., http:/

Phase 2– Get the Citizens Services option on the homepage, and click on this option. Family registration ⁇⁇⁇ at number 2.

Phase 3– The page of the registration form will be shown on the phone.

Phase 4– Now enter the necessary information (Mention all the details such as name, father/husband name, date of birth, gender, caste, and other information). You must upload the address-related details, the head of the family’s identity document.

Phase 5 The address-related information first: In this section, you must fill in the district, local body, area, village, house number, address caste, competition, etc.

Phase 6– In the second section, the details of the family’s head, 11 options such as name, DOB, age, connection, mobile number, Aadhaar number, email ID, etc., must be filled in.

Phase 7– Upload the head-related documents in the third part, in which you have to type the document, issue the upload of the document, issue date, etc.

Phase 8– Adding a fourth family member-You will have to add your family member one by one in this last step and include all the information as per the requirement.

Phase 9– This will be the way to complete your registration.

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