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Legal Services Day of India (9th of November)

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About Legal Services Day of India

Every year on the 9th of November, India observes its Legal Services Day. It is observed in all the state authorities of the country. A wide variety of legal literacy camps, as well as programmes, are organized in a number of places in the city of New Delhi of India, which is also the capital city of the country.

A large number of people participate in these events, hailing from governmental organizations as well as non-governmental organizations, to commemorate the legal services day.

The first time that India observed it’s Legal Services Day was in the year 1995, and it was an event initiated by the Supreme Court of India.

At that point in time, it began as a day that was to facilitate the poorer and weaker sections of the society in the context of legal services.

This section could comprise of disabled people, people from poor financial backgrounds, women, who didn’t have many privileges as the men did, people from scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, other backward classes, as well as victims of human trafficking.

The prime objective of the Legal Services Day of India is to make the masses aware, especially those living in more rural areas about the availability of free legal aid in many contexts of life, and how they can avail the same.

It focuses on enabling weaker segments of the society to have the rights realized in terms of availing legal services free of cost, based on nothing but the fact that everybody is equal before the law.

Therefore, a list of events is organized in remote places to create general awareness among the public over there about the law and available legal services.

It is also highlighted that all students and kids in their early life must be made aware of human rights as well as the rights mentioned in the Constitution of India.

It is also emphasized that all the weaker sections of the society for whom it’s difficult to afford expensive legal fees, must be given the privilege of free legal aid.

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