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Lala Har Dayal – Freedom Fighter of India

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Born on the 14th of October, in the year 1884 in the capital city of Delhi, Lala Har Dayal was a significant personality whose eminence reflected not only in his contribution towards the field of education in India, but also in his acts as a revolutionary during India’s struggle for independence.

He was the mentee of Lala Lajpat Rai, and believed in the ideology of simplicity being the core happiness of humankind. A prodigy since childhood, he was a polymath whose nationalistic actions in India’s freedom movements inspired many individuals, to opt for the path of freedom, and simplicity rather than the one which had all the luxuries.

Despite being selected in the Indian Civil Service, he refused a career and went forth to participate in the country’s drive for freedom. When he went abroad, his message and ideas impacted many people living in countries like Canada and USA to voice against the dominance of British Imperialism. He also founded the Ghadar Party in America.

Throughout his life, he had penned down a number of books relating to education, some of which include Our Educational Problem, Hints for Self Culture, and Thoughts on Education.

He passed away on the 4th of March, 1939, in Philadelphia, USA.

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