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Kundalini Yoga: An Art of Natural Living

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About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word which means “that which is coiled.”  In yoga its actual means Lifeforce. Similarly, Kundalini yoga is a type of yoga that focuses on communication between the body and mind.

It is a particular practice that can be done by simply using breath and poses which allows an individual to awaken their subtle inner creative power which is having in the body of each human being.

Moreover, this practice also strengthens the nervous system, expands the capacity of the lungs, harmonizes the glandular system and creates equilibrium between body mind and soul.

Kundalini Yoga helps people to meet all the entire challenges which are faced in their daily life. The movements of this yoga are often complicated and difficult that needs practice a lot to excel at it.

The person who wants to learn this practice they first believe that this practice will promote their psycho-spiritual growth. Then, they meditate themselves by simply controlling their breaths and concentrating on the sound of the mantra ‘Sat Nam’ that prevents one’s mind from chattering idly.

Furthermore, they use ‘Breath of fire’ practice in which they constantly, rapidly inhalation and exhalation process through the nose pumps up the naval point and the abdomen is used as a bellows that help in realizing their full potential and good future.

People can easily learn this Kundalini yoga practice by simply joining this Kundalini yoga classes. There are several institutes and experts are available in the health market who guides and teaches people to live their life happily without any depression or health problem.

The result of this practice can be noticed by doing forty days of practice. If a person forgets or unable to attend any class in the course of these 40 days then, they suffer from lots of unwanted problems.

Hence, it is an advice to you to carefully start this Kundalini practice along with the strong dedication to learn and concentrate on it.

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