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Know More about Quilts

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One should know that a quilt is not the same thing as regular duvets or blankets. Hence, if one is in need of information about quilts then there are quite a few useful things that one can get to read on internet.

What is a quilt?

Quilt & Rajai is the most comfortable things that one needs during winter days. Quilts are a form of textile which comprises of multi layered fabrics that can keep one warm. They are traditionally made of 3 layers and a decorative cloth on top which woven and it is known as a wadding or a padding.

The strong backing of the quilts is soft on the skin. These 3 layers are woven together to enhance the quality and beauty of the quilt. The stitching pattern works as one of the major aesthetic element for the top layer.

The three layers of Quilt:

The topmost layer is the decorative part of the quilt and this is generally made by using piecing, appliqué and other decorative form of stitching.

The inner layer of batting plays a very important role in keeping the quilt warm and the materials used in the second layer are generally of feathery cotton or woollen fibres but the modern quilts sometimes use synthetic fibres as well.

The third layer is soft as it directly comes in contact with the skin and it is mostly made of plain fabric or cotton.

Quilts are used for decoration, bedding, and one can also send them as a gift.

What is quilting?

The process of stitching the 3 layers of quilts which holds the quilt layers together is known as quilting. This can be done by hand using a thread and a needle by the quilters or one can use a sewing machine or long arm quilting mechanism which is specially designed to finish the quilting process quickly.

Quilting has been used for centuries and the mention of a similar technique has been found in ancient civilisations all over the world.

Different Types of Quilts

Based on the padding types and warmth ratings, quilts can be divided into different categories.

Wool Quilts

Different qualities of wools are used as batting in these quilts and depending on the quality of the wool the quilt can be warm to very warm which is perfect for heavy winters.

Feather and Down Quilts

These quilts have a dense middle layer of a blend of feathers which can make them lightweight and very soft. They are also quite warm.

Microfiber Quilts

These quilts have padding made from synthetic fibres and most of the modern and economic quilts fall under this category. They provide medium to high warmth depending on the density of fibre used there.

Cotton Quilts

They are customisable and one can get them stitched from the local quilters as per their needs. They can be thick and thin according to the varieties of material used there.

Quilts are quite comfortable for both mild to heavy winters and one can use them.


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