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Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple

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About Kateel Durga Parameshwari

Located in the Dakshin Kannada district of the south Indian state of Karnataka, Kateel, which is also called Kateelu, is a popular temple town, lying at a distance of approximately 30 KM from the famous city of Mangalore.

Being a temple town, it is obvious that there’s a long list of Hindu temples in the place and worships from all over the country visit the pilgrim town to pay their respect to the gods.

The most famous temple from the list is the Kateel Durga Parmeshwari Temple, dedicated to popular Hindu deity, Goddess Durga Parmeshwari, who in Hindu mythology and culture is also referred to by the name of Bhramari.

The temple is enveloped in a serene ambiance since it is situated right amidst the Nandini River. In fact the logic behind the place’s name is Kateel can be simply put like this: Kati means the center of a place and Ila means an area. Since the town is situated right on the center of River Nandini, it was named Kateel.

Since in Hindu culture, it is believed that Goddess Durga Parmeshwari has always been fond of cultural elements such as music and dance, there’s a play team in the place looking after day to day cultural activities in the temple, and the pilgrims too participate in the programs to be a part of the celebration and also acknowledge the goddess’ love for music and culture.

More than 2000 devotees visit the temple on a daily basis and the pilgrims are all welcomes with open arms, as free food—breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided every day to the visitors.

Other than the main Kateel Durga Parmeshwari Temple, there are a variety of other popular holy shrines in the area that one must visit during their pilgrimage. These include the Rakteshwari Temple, the Maha Ganapathi Temple, the Shasthara, the Kshetrapala, the popular Abode of the Naga Devatha, as well as the famous Brahma’s Shrine.

The pilgrim town celebrates a number of festivals with great celebrations. The most famous ones among these are the Laksha Deepotsava festival and the annual festival of the town that lasts for a long phase of eight days.

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