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Is Reservation Curse for Developing India?

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About Reservation

Reservation System serves to increase the condition of backward class people, but missing the strength of the right candidates


According to the reservation rates and growth rates ration in India, the reservation system does not serve the better incumbency of the right choice.


Candidates, who are worthy, highly qualified, and the right choice must be given priority instead of taking care of reservation system of backward class people. After so many researches and studies, so many people protest the reservation system to the amended for doing better in every field.


Indian Reservation System is a procedure for seats and vacancies in government organization. A percentage of the available vacancies are set aside and reserved only for backward classes of people.


Reservation quota seats have opted for low-level communities such as Scheduled Casts, Scheduled Tribes, and other backward castes. The government rules and regulations according to constitution and statutory laws are proposed for reservation category.


Depressed categories and communities which are at low level classes are provided for special development through the reservation system. This representation is given worldwide for the people of Europeans, Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs, Indian Christians, and Anglo-Indians.


Special seats in elections at some constituencies are reserved for bringing them up in their backward areas. The system has been started before the independence, when Britishers were ruling India. The aim of the system is to develop the underprivileged communities of people and uplifting the position of them.


The reservation quota is education and employment can be used by them and increase their social and economic status.


Government rules and regulations for reservation system


The government of India declared that particular percentage of vacancies must be reserved only for lower-level communities. Scheduled Caste people can get 14.9% of seats, Scheduled Tribes 7.4%, Other Backward Classes 26.7% seats from the existing availability.


Total 49% seats are reserved for them and the remaining 51% is used for General category people.


Students and employees avail the opportunity of the reservation system in education and employment. Caste-based reservations are practiced by every state government for their organizations and also the central government companies.


Gender-based reservation is also effectively working in some of the areas such as local elections and councils. Law schools in India have the reservation for their seats in 30% for women.


Reservations based on religion are also promised in some of the states. Muslims and Christians are given priority in various state government organizations.


Some of the reservations are also included for special priorities like sportspersons, physically handicapped, Non-Resident Indians, latest generations of freedom fighters, dependents of armed forces, and senior citizens.


Even in transportations services, reservations are set for providing facilities to the army, senior citizens, government cadre professionals, and politicians.


Education scholarships in India are available for backward class people but only 0.7% of scholarships are available for merit students. Government employees of reservation categories are given priority in their promotions also.


The disadvantages in the reservation system


So many arguments are aroused for the practice of the reservations system as some of the disadvantages appear for them. It elevates and develops the status and condition of the lower caste people. But the other side of the coin should be evaluated.


All the educational and employment seats are occupied by the reserved people, but not the most qualified people. One who is qualified and worthy, may not getting chance to avail opportunities. 


The caste system should not be taken as the source for reservation, rather than the economic condition must be undertaken for allotting reserved seats. It helps the people at lower level financial conditions and supports very much.


Most worthy and qualified candidates are not given a chance to enter in any educational or government institution. The country misses the chance of the expert services at every level.


Because of reservation systems, whatever the reserved category people got achieved in their education or service, there are getting chances to keep up for good condition. But even though having good qualification and worth in work, some higher class people could miss the chance to develop their condition.


They must be taken priority to serve the organization and nation with their exploration and commitments.


Reservation system must improve the quality and the performance of worth for scholars. It greatly supports so many intelligent candidates to cope up with new chances and achievements. Instead of checking for the caste or economic status, a candidate who has the right qualification and worth must be given an opportunity. Without making the walls for improvement and development only a nation could develop with right people.


What amendments should be made!


Equality must be maintained to make the society strong and energetic with right choice of servers for the nation. Without seeing the caste, economic condition, and the religion, the ability and qualification must be examined for all types of jobs and educational seats.


Merit-based scholarships and promotions enhance the quality of organization and institution. So many better-qualified students could not get their choice of seats and desired branch of study. It is loss of the perfect professionals in a particular field due to the reservation system. Avoiding corruption is also necessary for leading the nations towards development.


Discrimination among social groups does not entertain in modern days, and so that the reservation system should be modified. It is not the right path to use the manpower and the right choice of scholars.


Using the strength and energy of the highly qualified people eliminates the darkness in every field and area. Scientific and economic development is proposed with only the right candidates instead of checking caste or religion of the persons. 

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