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Is Microwave Cooking Really Bad? Here Are Some Facts!

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Microwave is one of the most common kitchen appliances that has found a place in the majority of the places, be it households, or bars or restaurants.

It is time-saving and convenient, but despite these traits, it is often debated that it is damaging to one’s health, with claims ranging from microwave cooked food is devoid of all nutrients to be a reason of causing cancer!

So, it microwaves cooked food really that bad?

Let’s find out!

What do the claims say?

One of the most common claims is that microwave-cooked food damages human cells and tissues.

The other claim includes how it can cause cataracts, be a problem for people with pacemakers placed inside their chests, and also, how microwaving food contaminates it, creating brain-related problems and also causing cancer.

Some theories also state that microwaving food breaks certain chemical bonds in the food, making it highly toxic for consumption.

Other than these, few other claims include lowering of hemoglobin level in the blood, increasing cholesterol, reducing the number of white blood cells to fight against infections and also increasing stress levels in people.

Busting the myths about microwaving food

Some of these claims are simply misinformation while the rests are either conspiracy theories or fear-mongering.

Here’s fact number one: The microwave ovens used at our homes are not at all strong to break apart molecules to break chemical bonds and cause any food to become toxic, and there’s no strong evidence to prove that it causes cataracts or any other form of eye damage.

Along with this, all modern microwaves are built in such a way that people with pacemakers too won’t have any problem with it.

On the other hand, microwaves not only take less time to cook than gas but also requires less water, meaning, nutrients get better retained in microwave cooked food than the food cooked on gas.

The modern techniques with which the microwaves are built, there’s no scope of any leak of radiation that can cause cancer or any other ill-effects on health.

Something to look out for

However, having said that, there are certain precautions to be taken while microwaving food, one of which is to not use plastic vessels that are not equipped for being in the microwave. This can actually cause a lot of health damage.


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