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Invention of Iron and Mercury coherer

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Invention of Iron and Mercury

In the year 1899, famous physicist of the country, Jagdish Chandra Bose who hailed from the state of Bengal and also had many other inventions to his credit, came up with the idea of developing an iron mercury coherer, with a telephone detector that would be of great utilization in the electromagnetic field.

For the same, he presented research with vivid analysis in a paper at the Royal Society of London, and soon after, he received the U.S. Patent 755, 840; which was termed as the “Detector for electrical disturbances” in the year 1904, for the development of a significant electromagnetic receiver.

The concept originating from India proved to be of great importance and references for other scientists to draw sources from when it comes to radioactive, audio and transmitting signals, boosting the field of technology effectively and paving way for future inventions and technological innovations.

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