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Invention of Cotton cultivation

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History of Cotton Cultivation

The most popular and commonly used fabric in the country, as well as most parts of the world, cotton came into existence when it began to be cultivated by the residents of the Indus Valley Civilization at the time as early as the 5th century BCE.

The cotton industry in the Indus Valley Civilization was quite well to do from its initial stages itself and saw a lot of positive aspects and developments, with some unique methods when it came to fabrication as well as cotton spinning, which became quite popular due to its efficiency and hence, continued to be a part of the practice and tradition for a long period of time, until the modern industrialization phase that later happened in India.

Right before the beginning of the common era, the concept and use of cotton textiles had become immensely popular and rapidly spread across the world, from the country of India and the Mediterranean and many other parts of the world, where they are, as on today, extremely popular, and a vital part of their international trades, just like India.

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