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International Justice Day (17th of July)

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About International Justice Day

Also known as World Day of International Justice as well as Day of International Criminal Justice, the International Justice Day is observed worldwide every year on the 17th of July. The main objective of this day is to globally recognize the International Criminal Justice’s emerging system.

The reason this day is observed on the 17th of July every year is the fact that on this very day, the adoption of the Rome Statute took place years ago, and it happens to be the same treaty that led to the creation of the International Criminal Court.

However, it was in the year 2010 on the 1st of June, that at the Review Conference of the Rome Statute, which was held in Kampala, it was proposed that the 17th of July must be observed globally as the Day of International Criminal Justice, by the Assembly of State Parties.

Hence, every year, in different parts of the world, the International Justice Day is used to the best of everyone’s advantage by using the day as a means to host various events that focus on promoting international criminal justice, in particular, to raise more support for the International Criminal Court.

The day specifically garners a lot of media attention from news organizations all over the world, and going by the significance of this day and the coverage it gets from all across the globe, many groups try to make the most of it by bringing forth issues revolving around crimes like genocides, extreme violence against women and children, and other such noteworthy crimes to media light, in order for everyone to get an idea of how many heinous crimes are committed every year and to think upon what can be done to regulate its rates from time to time, to make sure that human rights are not jeopardized for anyone under any given circumstance.

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