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International Joke Day (1st July)

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About International Joke Day

The 1st day of the month of July must be entertained with positive vibes because lo and behold! It is an international joke day! Yes, you read it right! There’s a day for celebrating jokes—full of humor, sarcasm, fun, etc. And why not? It is laughter and humor that keeps us going after all the challenges life throws at us, isn’t it?

Thus, 1st July is marked as a day to entertain and cherish jokes all the more, laughing and making others laugh. Though the origin of this day is said to be somewhere in the United States of America, it is the Greeks who often boast about being the first inventor of jokes as well as laugh clubs.

However, decades back, jokes were created only to be shared among friends to share a laugh and have a good time, unlike the whole set up of stand-up comedy like today, where one person can make the mass laugh through his or her jokes.

It is thus no surprise that whoever must have started this concept of an international joke day, only wanted to spread laughter, humor, and positive vibes. There are many ways that people can celebrate International Joke Day, be it at home, work, and anywhere you are, because as they say, everyone loves to laugh, and laughter is also the best medicine.

So the simple point here is to crack jokes so rib-tickling, that even the most introvert person in front of you starts to laugh. While laughter is something that must embrace us every day, the international joke day is something where you should make an effort all the more to laugh and make others laugh.

Organize a joke contest at work or home, and let people come up with the funniest jokes, original or inspired, doesn’t matter, as long as it can make others roll and the floor and laugh holding their tummies.

It is also a great idea to play some harmless pranks or jokes on some colleagues or friends. But be sure you know your limits and keep it limited only for a little fun part and don’t let it get anything more than that.


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