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International Day of Democracy (15th of September)

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About International Day of Democracy

On the 15th of September every year, the world observes International Day of Democracy. It is backed by the United Nations, and came into being from the year 2007 when a resolution was made by the UN to observe the 15th of September annually as International Day of Democracy.

The purpose of this day is to uphold as well as promote the various principles of democracy, what value it holds, what rights it offers, and how it can be implemented, and the UN insists on every member organization and states to come forth to contribute to this observance, by undertaking in their own plausible ways steps to raise public awareness among the masses about the many dimensions of a democracy.

Every year a unique theme is taken to mark the celebration of this day, which had its first and foremost celebration in the year 2008, one year after its observance was conceived.

While 2015 had the theme: Space for Civil Society, 2016 held the theme: Democracy and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development. This year in 2017, the theme for the International Day of Democracy is Democracy and Conflict Prevention.

This year’s theme thus revolves around the agenda of preventing conflicts in democracies and strengthen all types of democratic institutions to promote peace and stability. There should be a universal respect for human rights as well as the rule of law.

This can be achieved by various processes, such as peace agreements, constitution, and election reforms, that can help solve grievances and also reduce the probabilities of any form of organized violence, thus making it easier for nations to achieve an equilibrium of competing interests and also sustain global peace.

Some of the main objectives through which nations together can contribute to global peace include aspects like—strengthening the civil society, supporting democracy, enhancing women empowerment, and upholding the rule of law.

And this is exactly what the International Day of Democracy this year aims at focusing on and improving to pave way for stability and peace all across the globe.

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