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Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs)

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Right after India attained independence and became a free nation in the year 1947, the Planning Commission took the key responsibility to look after the development of the country. While the country improved in terms of economy in the 1950s, due to lack of proper vision and expertise, there was a lot of lagging behind in terms of managerial aspects when it came to public sectors in the nation.

To resolve this issue, in the year 1959, the Planning Commission of India requested George Robbins, famous professor of management from the University of California to come down to India and set up the All India Institute of Management Studies. Robbins suggested that there should be two significant as well as widely elite management institutes in the country so that people can prosper in the field of management.

Thus, based on his recommendations, the Indian Institute of Management was coined, and Calcutta (presently known as Kolkata) and Ahmedabad were chosen as the two prime cities to establish the first IIMs in the country. The foundation stone for the process of the setting up of IIMs was started by the first prime minister of India—Jawaharlal Nehru.

As on today, the IIMs comprise of a group of 14 management institutes which are autonomous bodies and provide scope for management education as well as research. All these institutes are registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act as societies, and fundamentally provide postgraduate, doctoral as well as executive degree programs.

The chain of all the IIMs is monitored by the IIM Council, which is again administered by the Minister of Human Resource Development, along with a board that consists of members from the government of India.

The two years-postgraduate programs in management provided by the IIMs are considered to be equivalent to MBA, and the institutes also provide a one year postgraduate diploma program, for those candidates who are graduates with a little more work experience.

The 13 cities where the IIMs are located are:

  • IIM Calcutta,
  • IIM Ahmedabad,
  • IIM Bangalore,
  • IIM Lucknow,
  • IIM Kozhikode,
  • IIM Indore,
  • IIM Shillong,
  • IIM Rohtak,
  • IIM Ranchi,
  • IIM Raipur,
  • IIM Tiruchirapalli,
  • IIM Udaipur,
  • IIM Kashipur, and
  • IIM Nagpur.

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