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How To Stop Your Child From Watching Too Much Television?

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One of the most difficult parts of parenting is to make your child get away from his ever-favourite spot, that is in front of the television set! Not only is the habit of watching too much T.V. bad for his eyesight, but also the changed world of television can actually affect his development a rather too harshly, since the profanity, the glamour, the ads, along with the fact that it showcases junk foods as healthy foods, can actually do a lot of harm to your child than you can think of.

So, what can you do?

Well, here are some effective tips that shall help you stop your child from watching too much television—

  1. Don’t give your child an authority over the remote control

Always remember that your child’ development is in your own hands and hence, as a parent, you must have complete control over what your child should watch and when. Set up a routine and make sure he follows the same. Be consistent with your timelines since this way your child will take you more seriously.

  1. Watching T.V. before bed is a no-no

Whatever your child watches in the TV right before bed puts him into a hyper-stimulated state, which can make it difficult for him to sleep, especially if he has watched some scary or noisy content on any show. You can make your child have a habit of reading stories instead of watching TV right before bed.

  1. TV shouldn’t be your child’s pastime

Don’t use television as a pacifier to keep your child occupied while you are busy with household chores or any other work, as this will only intensify his addiction towards television. You can keep him occupied with other things like reading, playing indoor or outdoor games, or simply singing or dancing.

  1. Make outdoor activities a must

Always make it a habit to take your child out to the nearest park or the backyard of your house, where he can do some real physical activities in the company of other kids, be it playing soccer, swinging, etc. This will boost his physical development and keep him away from gadgets too.

  1. Be a good role model

Don’t forget that you are your child’s first role model and hence, you need to practice everything that you preach to him. When at home, make sure to spend quality time with your child instead of being occupied with a TV show or your mobile phone. This was you can lead him by example and curb his addiction to television.


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