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How to redeem American Express credit card reward points to cash

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Redeem American Express credit card reward points

American Express is a manufacturer of world-renowned credit cards. There is no substitute for the rewards and advantages that come with the credit card.

Choosing the correct card will ensure that your American Express credit card gets the most out of you. Any strategies for redeeming American Express credit card reward points are below:

How to receive Credit Card Loyalty Points from American Express

American Express credit card holders can receive reward points by making routine daily transactions, such as shopping, grocery bills, and other qualifying credit card purchases.

You receive reward points for any transaction except for those spent on gasoline, electricity, insurance, and cash transactions.

The reward points can be accrued depending on the kind of credit card that you have.

How to convert Air Miles from American Express Membership Rewards ® Points?

All American Express credit cards reward their customers with Membership Rewards ® Points; customers can use these points to benefit from loyalty schemes such as air miles or hotel points.

Go through the steps below to redeem your points by converting them to a loyalty program:

Step 1- Go to the American Express List of Member Rewards.

Step 2- Pick the loyalty program you are a member of from the vast selection of airline or hotel partners.

Step 3- Click on ‘My Points Move.’

Step 4- Log in and complete the process with your account.

Note that it takes about seven days to process your request for your points to be transferred.

How to Redeem Credit Card Reward Points from American Express?

Take the steps below to redeem points for American Express credit card rewards:

Step 1- Go to the Incentive Catalogue page for American Express members.

Step 2- Pick the group you want to purchase in.

Step- 3-Pick and add a product of your choice to your cart.

Step- 4 A pop-up is asking you to log in will appear. Next, click and login to your account.

Step – 5 By giving the required details, complete the procedure.

American Express rewards its clients with various items for which customers can redeem their points. The various classifications are:

  • Electronics
  • Mode and accessories
  • Luxury & Lifestyle
  • Home and Wellbeing


How to get cash credit from Rewards ® Points for American Express Membership?

Use points from American Express for gift cards

For a range of gift cards, including travel, restaurants, and retailers, American Express allows you to redeem your points.

This is a pretty good choice for redemption-most gift cards will give you a 1 cent per point value, which is equivalent to Membership Rewards.

However, you’re going to need to look out for lower value gift cards. For just 0.5 cents per point, American Express brand gift cards go.

Using points from American Express for cashback

For payments on your credit card account, you can redeem your Membership Bonus points as statement credits (a minimum of 1,000 points is required to make a redemption). Unfortunately, just 0.6 cents per point is worth statement credits, so this is an inappropriate use of points.

On Amazon and other shopping partners, they are using American Express points

American Express has several shopping partners that allow you to connect your account to their pages and apply your points with a single click at checkout, like Amazon, Walmart, Grub hub, and Best Buy.

Additionally, anywhere that accepts the service, you can use your Membership Rewards points through PayPal. These choices are comfortable but also an inappropriate use of points because, with each point, you only get a value of 0.7 cents back.

Using the shopping portal for American Express

You are offered an even worse return on your points by the American Express shopping site. While through the portal, you’ll find a bevy of merchandise; your points are worth 0.5 cents per point.

Visiting one of the shopping partners of American Express through be your best bet if you’re determined to use your Membership Rewards points for online shopping.

Use for charity American Express points by JustGiving

To help your choice of thousands of different charities, you can also use your American Express Membership Rewards points. Pick a charity that you want to support, and you can use 0.7 cents per point for your points.

At Ticketmaster, we are using American Express points.

To buy tickets for concerts and events through Ticketmaster and AXS, you can use Membership Bonus points, but this is ill-advised. When exchanged for event tickets, points are worth 0.5 cents apiece.

Use American Express airline fare points

Since you are looking for the highest value for your membership benefits, then airfare redemptions are all about it. And while booking travel via the website of American Express Travel is not ultimately the best deal, if you want an easy way to book airfare without thinking about blackout dates and limitations, it’s a good option.

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