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How to Inspire Your Child to Write

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Similar to reading, writing too is a skill. Nurturing of the writing skills starts at a tender age and, therefore, the need to introduce it to children. A kid can be a good writer once he or she has a good writing mentor.

Thus, parents and other elder siblings can always help their young ones to gain an insight into writing in different ways. In this piece, we shall cover how one can develop children’s desire for writing effectively. However, before we dive right into some of these crucial ways, lets us first understand why writing matters.

Importance of writing

Writing is of great importance and serves a significant role in the learner’s life. First, proper writers are likely to enjoy better results and recommendable school performance.

It is also crucial because it helps children create imaginations, grow emotionally, and develop appropriate critical thinking skills. Of course, children can always find ways to buy assignments online, but if you instill in your child a love of writing, it will definitely help in future studies.

The following are some of the common ways you can always help your kids get an insight into writing. Let us establish each of them in detail.

Develop a writing area

Among the first steps for instituting the writing culture into children helps them understand their writing area. You can consistently achieve such by asking them about their most preferable writing tools and, most importantly, what they can love to write.

Asking them such questions helps you to identify some of the areas they are passionate about. After understanding their areas of passion, you can manor your focus on mentoring them on the same.

Alternatively, after understanding their wiring areas, you can always find out essential resources to help them in their areas of interest.

Frequent sharing of newer languages and vocabularies

Once you introduce your kids to new vocabularies frequently, they are likely to get inspiration and motivation to learn at least a new word each day. Therefore, it is essential to expose them to more contemporary terms and explain them and illustrate what these new words mean.

A proper approach to achieve the same can consistently generate new words from newspapers, the internet, magazines, etc., and ask them to find what they mean. It will help if you center much of your focus on their areas of interest. Always ensure to challenge them with new words frequently.

Take part in reading with the children

Nothing inspires your kids more than seeing you around them trying to read together and joining them in reading highlights your concern and love for them. It is therefore essential to take part in reading with them and correcting them where they err.

Once you are around them, you can continuously monitor their grammar and syntax and introduce them to newer vocabularies. However, ensure your presence doesn’t bring discomfort to some of them by trying to be friendly at all times.

Set aside time for writing

It is a good idea to consider allocating a time-specific for writing and so that the children can even compete among themselves.

However, it is crucial to consider that writing is time-consuming and, therefore, the need to create an environment that is calm for the entire process. Additionally, you can also help those who are stuck on the way in the process of writing.

Share their writing among fellow students

It is always inspiring to share the best work among the children and praise those who perform better in writing. Additionally, it will help a great deal if you consider awarding those who perform better on paper. Therefore, engaging children’s writing and praising them gives them a good chance of writing better.

It also makes them more comfortable when you display some of their best writing pieces, among others. Sharing, too, helps others learners to gain newer skills from their advanced friends.


It does not a lot of your time to inspire kids to write. You only need the above simple techniques to get them motivated and passionate about writing.

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