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How to get rid of from pimples problem?

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Pimples are the most annoying part of life that usually starts appearing in preteens or teenage years. It usually cause problem because as they appear right on your face – the only place people usually look first when meeting you.

However, they can also show up on your arms, neck, back and other parts of your body. These pimples can problem when you are going to attend a school function, a job interview or other type of event in your life where you want to look your best.

Sometimes you simply cover it up with makeup just won’t do the trick and usually makes it worse by contributing to the bacteria in the pimple. Moreover, if you want that pimple to go away and disappear quickly and naturally then, are several tips are given that helps you to get rid of pimples problem quickly.

  • If you want to must pop a pimple yourself, apply a hot, wet compress until it becomes a whitehead, sterilize a needle in alcohol or flame and then carefully lance it. Then, squeeze it gently to drain and wash both the area of the pimple and your hands afterwards.
  • You can also try an ice treatment by holding an ice pack or some ice cubes in a towel on the pimple for a couple minutes every half an hour.
  • Switch to a makeup which is not oil based as it can irritate your skin and clog your pores etc.
  • Wash your makeup off every night before sleeping.
  • Increase your water consumption as this will help your body to easily flush out the harmful toxins.
  • Aloe Vera can also help you get rid of this pimple problem.
  • You can also try a little bit of toothpaste. Really, wipe it onto the pimple and gently rub it in. This can actually help to reduce the pimple by drying it out.
  • You can also create a cleanser with water and baking soda. And use it gently to clean your skin and affected area(s).

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