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How to Find Your Online Targeted Audience?

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Despite what you might think (or prefer), not everyone that views your content is your target audience. Because if you target everyone, you aren’t really targeting anyone. To understand this better, first, you need to know what a target audience is.

Target audiences are defined sets of audiences that your brand plans to serve its products or services. These products or services may not be for everyone. For instance, if Sephora wants to promote its new eyeliner products, it will only focus on specific consumers that are women or makeup artists. Their target preferably won’t be children, men, or the elderly unless those are specially designed for them.

Or if AT&T is introducing discounts for students in their new AT&T Internet deals, their target audience is specifically going to be students. As a result, the promotions are delivered to students who might make use of these discounts for their own gain. Targeting your audiences is one of the essential steps taken to promote your products or services.

Why v?

Some fishermen might be of the perspective that casting a wide net is how you catch more fish. But others, the most successful ones, know what kind of fish they plan to catch, what sort of net you need to design to catch these fish, where to find these fish, etc.

This is how targeted advertising works. It is important to clearly define your target audience. Because when you have a clearly defined target audience, you can tailor every detail of your products or services to their needs. As a result, you will receive satisfied customers and their positive feedback.

Moreover, when you are managing the targeting of audiences online, you also get to take advantage of the massive amount of data available to you digitally. You could spend just a few minutes creating a Facebook ad and learn so much about your audience through Facebook’s targeting algorithms. That is not just limited to Facebook, there are multiple such online tools available.

How to Find Target Audience?

Moving on, it is time to learn how you can find your target audiences online.

  1. What Kind of Audience is your Brand Seeking to Serve?

Your brand’s goals about what they are giving to the consumers should be clear first, i.e. what problems are they solving, what desire your products or services are trying to fulfill, etc. More focus can be on the age group, gender, occupation, locality, their language, etc. That will help to narrow down to an ideal consumer of your products or services.

  1. What are the Consumers Saying about Products or Services?

Before you go on to implement your promotions for targeting your audience, you need to scour through social media platforms. Look for any mentions or conversations that are related to your products or services; that will give you an idea about what your consumers are saying. You can reach out to these consumers and provide a response that will answer their queries, as an encouragement to try your products or services.

  1. What Channels Are Consumers Using?

While you are exploring your audiences, you also need to learn what social media platforms your customers are using. Your brand can’t manage a social media channel where your consumers are not active.

Use Google Analytics or other similar tools to check which social media platform your targeted consumers are using the most. If you have a hashtag or keyword that you are using to promote your brand, you can check the amount of traffic this hashtag or keyword is driving. Whichever platform seems the most effective, or shows the most results for your keyword or hashtag is the one where your target audience is most active.

  1. How are your Competitors Faring?

Obviously, your brand will have some competitors online. The same kind of product or services your brand is providing, or the same hashtags or keywords you are using for your promotions, your competitors are also using the same track. What matter is how well you stand out from them.

It is also important to keep an eye out for how your competitors in the market are doing in their hunt for targeting audiences. You will find a lot to learn from that.

  1. What do your Consumers Want?

Your social media team should be able to come up with interesting content to attract consumers to your brand’s social media page. The advantages that consumers will get from your brand should be highlighted. Another useful method to try is consumer feedback, something that your brand should be taking advantage of.

Your brand can create a questionnaire and have your customers answer queries regarding your products or services. These queries can also be about what they expect to see on your brand’s social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

When looking to find targeted audiences for your brand online, the answer is too broad. You need to narrow it down along with making sure it matches the purpose that your products serve. That means figuring out the audience’s characteristics, demographic, and behavior and tailoring your promotional posts to cater to their needs and desires.

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