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How to encourage your kids to help you with household chores?

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Dealing with kids when it comes to getting chores done can be tricky. For parents, their children’s lives, from academics to non academics and personality development—all need to be well monitored.

And quite often it is seen that parents complain about their children in terms of their mannerisms, lack of enthusiasm in doing healthy stuff, being fussy eaters and last but not the least, their indifference towards doing household chores.

It is essential that you embed it in the minds of your kids since their childhood that they need to do their own stuff so that they eventually grow up to be self-made and not be forever dependent on you on others when it comes to general chores or their own stuff.

On that note, here are some quick ways you can encourage your kids to do chores—

  1. Create to-do lists

A to-do list for their homework as well as for chores to be done is a great way to start. Kids are always competitive in nature and they like it when they can strike off one point after another from the to-do lists on bulletin boards in terms of everything.

  1. Give them rewards on completion of tasks from the to-do list

Bribing a kid with chocolates or fancy stuff for getting stuff done is not a good thing. However, rewarding them with something similar after they complete a task is definitely worthwhile.

It lifts their spirits, motivating them to do better things and gradually, this will develop into a good habit where they would start doing these chores on their own without expecting anything in return.

  1. Use the give and take policy

Kids are messy by default, there’s no doubt about that. So every time your kid makes a mess with his toys, scattering them all over the floor, don’t clean it up yourself, rather, confiscate a favorite toy of his and make it a point to tell him that he won’t get it back till he clears the mess up.

This way, the next time he will be careful with making a mess and won’t scatter things all around.

  1. The WiFi password is your perfect weapon

Since kids these days are all into tablets and gadgets, playing games that need them to use the internet, you can wisely use the WiFi password as your trump card.

You can tell them that they would get the WiFi password only when all the chores are finished.


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