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How To Deal With ‘Sex’ As A Relationship Problem?

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When two partners are in love with each other, sex is much more than just an act. It is a way of communicating love, warmth, care, affection, and letting each other know that they belong to each other.

It is one of the most quintessential aspects that is very much needed to keep a relationship going strong, healthy, and at the same time for keeping the sparks and chemistry alive.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that partners who love each other to death can also be very compatible sexually.

And due to this reason, many relationships encounter a slow death, where the chemistry slowly starts fizzling out. However, there does exist ways through which one can help solve this problem in their relationship.

Relationship Tips

  1. Planning is the key

Yes, the failing to plan is planning to fail concept works very well here in the sexual aspect of a relationship as well. It’s always exciting to plan about a little quickie with your partner right before leaving for office, or a little action in the kitchen before heading for dinner.

It doesn’t always have to be late at night, which can often be a bummer, given that both of you may feel tired after whole day’s work. Hence, planning.

In fact, it is said that keeping sex on the calendar, wherein you know tomorrow you and your partner are going to do it, actually leads to a healthy anticipation, bringing back a lot of excitement and sparks in your relationship.

  1. Make a ‘sexy list’

Many times due to work and other commitments, both you and your partner may lose access to that intimate touch, which earlier worked wonders on both of you.

It thus becomes essential that you explore what turns you on as well as your partner, to ensure sex is an enjoyable and healthy element in your relationship. To assure the same, you can prepare a ‘sexy list’ first, that includes all of what you think turns you on and then your partner can do the same.

When you both have access over each other’s list, it will be easier to know what the other is exactly looking forward to in the relationship that will definitely make it better for both of you.

  1. Don’t lose hope, if you can’t solve it on your own

Nobody is god here, to solve all the problems on their own, and that’s precisely why for every branch of human anatomy, psychology, we have experts out there!

If you feel you and your partner are not able to address the issues relating to your sexual life on your own, it is always wise to seek an advice from a sex therapist who will definitely guide you well and help you solve the issue.

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