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How to cure Depression with Healthy eating diet plan?

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Well, it is good news that Depression disease is a curable disease. Every depression type can be cured in their own manner or own cure with the support of medicines and drugs.

However, drugs and medicines are not always able to remove the root cause of depression but also lack the ability to prevent it.

There are so many side effects that an anti depressant can bring along such as Liver damage, insomnia, hypersensitivity, hallucinations, convulsions, a confused state  and low blood pressure and many other.

New scientific findings, however, are encouraging many victims of depression to turn to other treatment options, such as adjustments to Healthy eating diet plan and exercise routines.

There is various food recommendations of the Healthy eating diet plan are available to fight internal inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, repair oxygen-related cell damage and improve blood vessel function. These Healthy eating diets can help you fight depression without medication.

Now let us discuss what to eat while suffering from depression symptoms.

In breakfasts:

  • Take lots fruit which is a great choice,
  • Take almond, soy, or rice milk for a smoothie.
  • Granola and yogurt provide a more filling breakfast option.
  • A whole-wheat bagel with almond and peanut butter.

In lunches:

  • Take salad of bean and grain salads (such as chickpeas and quinoa or black beans and rice) are convenient, hearty, and healthy.
  • Sandwiches (filled with more vegetables and less meat or cheese) on whole-wheat bread and topped with hummus (a delicious spread made from crushed chickpeas, garlic, and olive oil) provide another quick lunch option.


  • The patient must take grilled fish to whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce and steamed vegetables.
  • Salads are another easy idea, and should be made from spinach, kale, or chard instead of iceberg lettuce, in order to provide you with more valuable nutrients.
  • For a more filling salad, top with grilled chicken or seafood, and a dressing of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

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