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How to curb your kids’ shopping addiction?

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As bizarre as it may sound, with the growing popularity and ease of technology, there’s a rapid increase in the craze of shopping not just among but also kids and teenagers, who take keen interest in buying stuff at the ease of a click thanks to a truckload of e-shopping options.

From sites like Flipkart to Amazon and easy e-wallet accessibility, kids find it super easy to go on a shopping spree and end up having a bad addiction to it. So how it curb this addiction? Well, here are some tips—

Kids Shopping Addiction

  1. Try to find out what’s the cause of the shopping urges

Everything has a specific reason to be triggered and same goes for one’s shopping addiction. It can be anything—stress, boredom, or simply because his/her peers are doing the same.

In order to solve an issue it is crucial to firmly figure out the cause of it and hence, you must try to figure out what’s causing these unusual urges in your kid.

  1. Get an appropriate substitute for the cause that’s triggering the addiction

Creativity is contagious. If stress, boredom or peer pressure is what is causing the addiction in your kid, try to replace these causes with creative elements such as enrolling him in swimming classes or kick boxing where he can learn, be creative and at the same time do something productive, both mentally and physically.

  1. Try to strike a warm conversation

Kids always look up to their parents as their first role models and hence, it is important that you spend good amount of time with your kids trying to talk and know what’s causing the unusual attributes in them and then make them learn with examples the need to keep the future in mind, save money and also avoid any sort of addiction, not just shopping, but also gaming, a particular meal, or a TV show, because too much of anything is never good.

Only through pragmatic discussions can you know each other better and also work towards a better present and future.

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