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How to avoid mindless eating?

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Mindless eating is not just about untimely eating habits, but also eating unhealthy meals at odd hours of the day. While it is more common in children and teenagers, due to which many parents complain, it is also quite common in adults as well.

In a nutshell, mindless eating not just messes up your routine and lifestyle, but also contribute in a large scale in making you gain weight and also enter the realm of health complications. So without further ado, let us get to some quick and easy, yet powerful hacks, with the help of which you can avoid mindless eating—

Avoid Mindless Eating:

  1. Identify the source that’s causing your unhealthy eating habits

More than 80% of the times, one feels the need to munch something when s/he is distracted or simply bored. It is extremely essential for one to identify the exact situation when they start to feel the urge of binging on something in order to avoid it altogether.

For instance, when you feel like you have nothing to do and get this urge to pick up some wafers to munch from the kitchen, immediately dodge the thought and start watching television instead to keep your mind far away from the thought of junk food.

  1. When eating, avoid laptops or television

There’s a reason it’s said that one should do one thing at a time. Avoid using your laptops or watching television when you are eating your daily meals, as one tends to consume more food when distracted with gadgets.

  1. Cut off sugary drinks

Many studies have extensively revealed that sugary drinks are harmful for one’s health in a number of ways. They not just cause obesity, but a large number of deaths are due to heavy consumption of sugary drinks.

  1. Use smaller plates for meals

This is an interesting discovery by recent experiments and studies; which revealed that one tends to eat more when they put their meal on a larger plate and the opposite when eating in a smaller plate. So from now on, if you are really looking after maintaining a healthy body and mind, ensure that you are taking your meals on a smaller plate.

  1. Make sure you have a weekly diet chart

Dieting or not, working out or not—either ways, it’s wise if you can come up with a diet chart for every week, in consultation with your doctor.

This way you can keep a tab of how much of what you are consuming, and can also schedule one junk meal for one meal so that it doesn’t hamper your overall health, as it normally would if you were to consume it daily.

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