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How Long Does it Usually Take to Design a Custom Home?

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Buying a home in Toronto is easy. The steps are classic and take little effort on your part. You’ll need to find a new area in the community you want to settle in. Check out and pick one of their models that catches your eye or has the right floor plan for your family’s needs.

350Sign the contract with that builder/development company – it’s just a formality at this point. Then, wait for them to build it and finally move in.

On the other hand, buying a custom home requires more patience, creativity, and initiative. It’s an involved major undertaking that will challenge you and demand much of your time, effort, and of course, money – because we all know how costly a custom home can be.

In this blog, we’ll look at the different factors that determine the time it takes for a custom home to be built. To give you an insight into how long it might take, we’ve created a simple guide to help out.

Factors That Increase the Time to Design a Custom Home

No one’s life is perfectly choreographed. This is especially true for schedules that involve multiple people working on the same project together.

Pre-Construction Activity

Building a new home can often be quite an overwhelming process, even if you know what you want. One way to make it less complicated is with the help of experts who specialize in specific areas related to these processes or services.

During the early phases of the project’s conception, you can expect your architect to present multiple plans, which you will then discuss to come to a mutual agreement on the perfect design that suits all of your unique needs.

During this period, getting together for interviews and meetings with the architects could happen just about every week or two. This means that regardless of whether construction begins at any given moment, you’ll probably still be spending a large amount of time speaking with various people about the project.

For example, locating and purchasing a site for the home will require you to find a real estate agent who can guide you through the process of buying land. Next comes the rather time-consuming process of working with an architect or designer to create your dream home’s design, draft a plan, and select all the products, features, and amenities. You will also need to obtain the right building permits.

There is no set timeframe for these things, but if you take your time to make all necessary decisions during the building process, it will ensure that your home is fully customized to meet all of your specific needs. Further, being involved in the design process doesn’t necessarily mean endless meetings with designers.

The Decision-Making Process

The preliminary design through construction documents can take four to six months, depending on how prepared you are. During this period, a lot of the decisions are usually made just after plans are drawn, or drawings are finished, but most architects will start coming up with their own suggestions that they think might help with the project.

If you become involved in changes at this point, it may add time to your planning and could affect other contractors, such as plumbers and electricians, once work has begun.

The Construction Process

Building a truly customized home can take anywhere from 10 months to 2 years. With a great team and lots of luck, it might be possible to complete a semi-custom home in only 6-8 months, but for a fully customized project, 10 months is the minimum.

The sheer size and scope of your home design, as well as detailing and complexity, will greatly affect how long the project will take. If you have a grand vision of the final aesthetic of your home, be sure that you’re upfront about how long it will take to implement them because some designs are just too complicated for a reasonable timeline. However, there are builders in Toronto who can scale up their workforce to help larger projects move forward at a good pace.

What Can You Do to Speed up the Project?

While it may seem a bit daunting to figure out a home building process from scratch, you’d be surprised at how much say you have in its timeline. You might not be physically present every day, but there are plenty of ways that you can assist the construction crew in getting your house constructed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Find The Right Builder 

When choosing custom home builders in Toronto, be sure that they have a clear system in place for logging your project’s schedule and budget, as well as one to solicit selections and order materials. In addition to this, they must have a solid operating system in place so you can communicate with everyone involved with the construction of your project, including the architect, subcontractors, vendors, and interior designers.

Budget Projection

A custom home build is a fluctuating project. While the right home builders in Toronto will provide you with accurate projections at the beginning, unexpected costs can assert themselves. Whether you fall in love with a certain charm or run into an unanticipated problem, knowing that you have some wiggle room will help a great deal.


One of the best things about a timeline is that you have a decent idea of what steps you need to take and when and what can be done beforehand to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

However, sometimes the right thing for a project means reserving some time for revisions and adjustments along the way because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Having a timeline is an excellent visual tool that allows you to clearly see all steps necessary for your project and make sure they’ve been covered in detail with no setbacks or surprises.


It is strongly advisable to get together with your architect and builder early on in the design process because it could affect how things turn out in terms of cost, design, and the time it takes, to name a few. When you have an idea of what you want from the beginning, you’ll have to make fewer changes later. So, make sure to keep those two things in mind when designing your custom home.

The Bottom Line

Designing and building a custom home can be a very long and involved process. It can last anywhere from a few months to a few years. It depends on the size of the home and whether you choose a design-build or a build-design process.

If you need help with all the permits required for this project, you can search it on google and find many relevant sites. They can guide you through it while also helping you with the project’s architecture.

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