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How IGCSE education can help your child?

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An Introduction

The acronym IGCSE expands as International General Certificate of Secondary Education. The education board follows international standards of evaluation and pedagogy. The globally recognized qualification is precisely taken at middle school level. Structured in 1998, the two year comprehensive program of study culminates into an examination taken between May and November.

Assessment Procedure and Recognition

The two prestigious UK based assessment bodies, Edexcel, popularly called as the London Examination and Cambridge International Examination (CIE) conducts IGCSE evaluation.

Students who successfully qualify IGCSE examination are eligible to:

  • Senior Secondary Qualification (+2 level) of ICSE or CBSE board
  • International Pre-University Program as mentioned below-
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma
  • Advanced Placement Diploma (US)
  • A/AS Level & AICE (UK)

Subjects of study and learning approach

Complying with a practical approach to teaching and making learning a wholesome process, the program offers a variety of subjects under its curriculum. For instance, considering the best igcse school in Guragon, the evaluation parameters are not based on the conventional assessment streak. Learners’ oral, written and listening abilities are testified in the course of valuation of his acquired knowledge.

The grading range varies from A to G. The program of study is highly flexible as it gives students to choose from the core and extended curriculum, based on their learning capabilities.

The division of curricula is structured on the basis of overview and specialization of the subjects included. The subjects of study are broadly classified into various groups-

  • Languages (English as first language and a Foreign Language)
  • Humanities and Culture
  • Science and Research
  • Mathematical Analytics
  • Business Management
  • Creative and Vocational
  • Religious Scriptures
  • Value Creation

How IGCSE can benefit your Child?

To choose the best school in NCR is no less than a daunting task. As guardians, compromising over your kid’s education is definitely not an option. How IGCSE can help in such scenario let’s find out:

  • Develops vital educational skills that encompass oral, investigative, and inquisitive abilities of the learner.
  • The program is globally recognized and hence it gives access to a number of overseas programs of study.
  • Recognized by Association of Indian University (AIU), the discipline saves crucial time of student’s formative years of higher education without compromising over quality learning.
  • The segregated curricula bring forth the key challenging issues on which your kid needs to focus.
  • Certification by the most reputed authority, International Certificate of Education (ICE).
  • The syllabus and pedagogical strategy of IGCSE is more challenging as compare to any other board by providing the multi language and multi-cultural support to the student.

At all the levels, any school striving to incorporate International General Certificate of Secondary Education will endeavor to bring the international education standard within domestic boundaries.

To make the learner abreast with the latest information trends through a creative approach, the discipline of imparting knowledge is definitely an edge over age old education boards that rely more on pre-determined theoretical implementation of cognition.


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