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Home Remodeling for Relaxation: How to Enjoy Your Day Offs

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Every once in a while, we need to take a break and relax. With the nature of the 21st century where everything happens quickly and things always seem to be moving, we sometimes need to take a day off.

While sleeping on a day off is not a bad idea, it isn’t always enough to get you fully recharged. Your home can help play a role in relaxation and help you relax whenever you need to, increasing your relaxation experience.

With a few changes, you can get the most out of your home whenever you want to relax at home on your day off. Some of the top renovations you can make to aid with relaxation at home includes:

Add a bathtub in your bathroom

One theme that is common to spas and relaxation areas is the presence of a bathtub. Washing off in a bathtub can help release stress and tension from the muscles and leave you feeling refreshed.

Adding in a bathtub to your bathroom is usually the highlight of bath remodeling and may require you to make a lot of changes in the bathroom especially to create space.

Whenever you feel too stressed, you can simply step in the tub and wash it off. This technique is so effective that it has become popular among athletes, especially after a tough game.

Add plants in the house

Plants seem to be nature’s answer for everything and they always make a great addition to every home. While it may not be their primary function in the home, plants can help you recover from physical and mental stress. Plants are useful for removing toxins from the body and thus, help you feel refreshed.

Certain plants have therapeutic uses for healing and rejuvenation and when you have these plants in your home, it comes in handy for relaxation.

The best part about plants is that you can spread them across the house and maximize your relaxation on your day off.

Incorporate natural lighting

Nature heals and man-made constructs can sometimes be keeping out some of nature’s benefits in your home. While there isn’t much wrong with bulbs and fluorescents, natural light still proves to be the most effective.

Not only does natural light provide elegance in the home, but it can also help you relax when you are at home. When remodeling, you can implement natural light in strategic places, making them hot zones for relaxation.

The bedroom is the most obvious place to incorporate natural lighting as you will likely be spending time there on your day off.


It may not be the cause of your stress but clutter can certainly hinder your recovery. The feng shui technique teaches that arrangement of items in a home and spacing can help with healing.

Based on this principle, it is clear that clutter interferes with healing and relaxation. Clutter also prevents the natural flow of fresh air and can sometimes lead to foul smells, all of which are bad for relaxation.

Decluttering will get rid of any negative energies that may exist and free up space for fresh air to circulate through your home properly, all of which will lead to improved relaxation on your day off.

Repaint your house

If you are familiar with the color theory, then you know that colors have an effect on the mind and can affect us physically as well.

Unlike most other ideas on the list, painting is easy and something you can do by yourself or make it a family activity. You simply have to find a color that has a calming effect that will help release stress.

There is usually more than one color that can have this effect and you can find a way to combine them and improve the effect. If you don’t mind paying, you can get professionals to handle it and enjoy the benefits for a long time.


While meditation and other relaxation techniques will help you relax, it is never a bad idea to let your house release your stress when you aren’t active.

You can get the best out of your day off without having to do too much. Once you have completed your renovations, you can start to maximize your relaxation even when it isn’t your off day.


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