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Home alone ? Here are 7 foods to make your #MEtime interesting

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In this hustle-bustle of life, ‘Me time’ is something we all crave for. There are different ways to enjoy alone time, it need not be a simple spa day. Just some alone time and your favourite food is also at times enough to give you a great company.

So, whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours alone at home, some food items by Domino’s are not just going to satisfy your taste buds, but will make your solo time memorable and delightful.

A bite of these dishes will be like a warm hug for a hungry tummy. These are special items to gobble down and turn your day around great.

Paneer Tikka Stuffed Garlic Bread

Indulge yourself in a leisurely snack meal alone at home by ordering paneer tikka stuffed garlic bread. Stuffed with succulent cheesy fillings, onion, and paneer tikka, and garnished with basil parsley on top, the aromatic baked bread with its vibrant flavour and cheesy texture is sure to help love your own time deliciously!

Choco lava cake

When you want to spend your me-time worthily, could there be anything more tempting than molten gooey chocolate cake?

No, there isn’t at all! Choco lava cake is a tiny cake with its center little undercooked with a filling of melty treat that oozes out when one takes a bite or cuts it. This small rich dessert is everything you need to make a dull evening, an exquisite one.

Boneless Chicken Wings Peri-Peri

Do you love binge-watching on Netflix or playing games when home alone? If yes, there is no better snack than boneless chicken wings peri-peri by Domino’s. Nice and crisp on the outside, the roasted chicken wings marinated in hot sauce and peri-peri flavour are just perfect for the moment.

Since it is a tasty finger food, having it while playing games or binge-watching your favorite show is super convenient. So, when you cannot decide what to eat when alone, order these because you can never fail with them.

Taco Mexicana

When you want to enjoy your peaceful time at home, and you are just not in a mood to gobble down something heavy, tacos Mexicana comes to the rescue.

With veg or non-veg patties along with creamy harissa sauce, these crispy wraps are truly irresistible. All you have to do is pop out a bottle of your favourite drink with tacos, and you are good to have a relaxing evening enjoying yourself.

Veggie Pizza

You are alone at home, and you want to have the best of your time? Also, your love for veggies is something that never goes out of the picture.

Fret not! Domino’s veggie pizza is one option that will offer you a combination of onions and capsicum with cheese on a plate. The underneath bubbling mozzarella on a rich crust is like the cherry on the cake making it veggie lovers’ pick!

Brownie Fantasy

To many, a good mood and good food mean chocolates and brownies. If you are one of them, nothing beats brownie fantasy to satisfy your sweet tooth to give a finishing touch to your me-time.

Served with chocolate fudge sauce on top, brownie fantasy is one dish that will take you on a heavenly ride in a few seconds. So if you want to go on a solo trip, order brownie fantasy and experience nirvana!

Butterscotch Mousse Cake:

If you plan to enjoy food at home for an interesting me-time, and you crave for desserts, nothing can replace the butterscotch mousse cake.

You will experience real gratification when your spoons dig into the glass jar to taste the rich and fluffy butterscotch cream and dark chocolate cake topped with crunchy dark chocolate morsels. Pair it with your favourite movie and it will be an ideal combination of a soul-satisfying me-time.

Whatever strikes your taste, just eat it slowly, enjoy every bite, and relish each moment spent alone at home deliciously!




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