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History of St. George Fort

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Built in the year 1644 in Chennai, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the monument was formerly known as White Town. However, over the years it got its new name on its own accord after St. George played a significant role in the region during that time, giving it the name St. George Fort.

Interestingly, the date of birth of George coincided with the date of completion of the fort. Built by the British, the fort is considered to be one of the very first establishments by the British in India.

Maintained by the Archeological Survey of India, the fort has significant importance in history and it served as a base for the origination of the Indian army, and thus, has elements that are military-oriented.

The primary purpose of the British for setting up this place was to ensure faster trading options, as the Bay of Bengal lies close to the fort. This also led to further development of the city Chennai, then known as Madras.

The structure is divided into two parts: first is the St. Mary’s Church and next is the Fort Museum.

The building first served as a bank that was known as the Madras Bank and was later used for purposes like public meetings, trainings, etc. As on today, the museum in this place displays coins, paintings, letters and medals from the historical era.

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