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History of Sati Burj

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Located in one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations of India, Mathura, which is also said to be the birth place of Lord Krishna, the Sati Burj is a beautiful tower located in the scenic ghat of Mathura, consisting of temples, arched gateways, lying close to the banks of River Yamuna.

Built in the year 1570 AD, the Sati Burj, which means a watch tower for Sati, is a monument made of red sandstone and was constructed by the son of King Behari Mal, as a gesture to acknowledge his mother’s death after she sacrificed her life post her husband’s death by surrendering herself to the fire, a system known as Sati in India, where wives committed self immolation after their husbands’ death.

The structure has four storeys and the height is as tall as 17 meters. The monument has an aura that reflects essence from the ancient history of the country and also Mathura, which has a number of structures capable of giving you goose bumps with their enriched history and architecture.

While historians say that most of the upper parts of the tower were destroyed by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, the site is currently facing a lot of deterioration, due to lack of maintenance and encroachment issues.

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