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For the development of any country, health is always going to be one of the most vital sectors to determine how strong a country’s position is in the queue of nations globally. India is no different. With a number of public as well as private sector hospitals, the Indian medical system and authorities are constantly focusing on bringing out the best treatments available for illnesses which are related to physical and mental health, short term or long term.

While the medical authorities in the country are in every way competent with renowned personalities from other countries in the field of medical science, India also relies and makes use of its centuries old natural phenomenon of treating ailments, that is through therapies like naturoveda, and mode of treatments like Ayurveda and herbs, which unlike other branded and generic, chemically built drugstore medicines are composed of all natural herbs and elements.

India also houses a variety of other forms of treatments through meditation and yoga that can help individuals cope up with health disturbances such as depression, fatigue, restlessness, body aches, etc.

The government focuses specially on the underprivileged class who cannot afford expensive treatments and hence, have introduced a variety of schemes to help them cope up with their shortcomings in health.

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