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Happy Halloween

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About Halloween

Every year, the festival of Halloween is observed on the 31st of October. The festival is mainly celebrated in the U.S., U.K., and some other European countries but over the last few years, it has garnered a lot of popularity in India as well, and many people, from kids to teenagers, young adults, and more, take a keen interest in observing this festival, going for Trick or Treat, with donning an extremely scary costume.

Coming to its origination, there’s a lot of debate since some believe it began as a Christian festival while others believe it commenced as a Celtic harvest festival of Samhain.

The name Halloween is derived from the term ‘’Hallowe’en’’ which actually means a ‘’hallowed evening’’ or a ‘’holy evening.’’ According to beliefs of the Samhain’s, who treated Halloween as an end of harvest festival, it is said that during the festival of Halloween the wall that demarcates the world of living from the world of dead becomes thin, thus allowing spirits to step into the realm of the living, giving them the opportunity of destroying all the crops that are to be harvested in the next season.

Therefore, to appease these spirits and to keep them from causing any damage to the crops, there would be dinner table set up done by the Gaels and also, bonfires would be lit so that the fire can ward off any evil spirits.

As of today, Halloween is a fun festival mostly comprising of dressing up in scary and attractive costumes, donning a spooky look for a Halloween party set up in a spooky ambiance, telling scary stories, playing scary pranks, going for trick or treat, watching horror movies with friends, visiting some haunted places, etc. So what are your plans this Halloween? Do tell us!

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