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Hamir Utsav (8th of November)

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About Hamir Utsav

Hamir Utsav is a very popular festive fair held every year in the district of Hamirpur in the north-Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It takes place annually in the first week of November, it will take place on the 8th of November, which happens to be a Wednesday.

The fair is very centric to the cultural heritage of the Hamirpur district, and the whole festival is loaded with a variety of cultural dances and music, both from Himachal Pradesh state and the neighboring ones, depicting the vibrant essence of the Hamirpur district in Himachal Pradesh.

Hamirpur is very popular among all the districts of Himachal Pradesh mainly for its varied cultural history.

Thus, every year during the Hamir Utsav, a long list of folk dancers and musicians come here to participate in the fair. People also love to delve into the rich traditions of this place, which is showcased in full swing at the time of the Hamir Utsav.

Jatras and Jheras are two of the most popular cultural programmes held during the festival—depicting an excellent portrayal of the ethnic, rich culture that Hamirpur and Himachal Pradesh, in general, is composed of.

Thousands of tourists from all over India gather here during this time of the festival. Himachal Pradesh as a state is also very popular for its beautiful and pleasant climate and a variety of tourist destinations available here for people to explore, making it a complete package to be experienced at the time of the Hamir Utsav.

Apart from being a part of this festival and going for sightseeing in various places, tourists can also enjoy a variety of adventure sports, such as mountaineering, trekking, angling, as well as paragliding, as spots for the same are completely available for exploration during this time of the year.

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