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Habout Huawei – Mobile Phone Company in India

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About Habout Huawei

Founded in the year 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, Huawei Technologies Co. Limited, commonly known as just Huawei is a popular Chinese multinational company focused on telecommunications and networking equipment and services, and has its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

Huawei as of today holds the record of being the biggest telecommunications manufacturer in the whole world, a record that was previously held by Sony Ericsson until 2012 when Huawei managed to beat it and ascend the position.

Previously focused only on building networks and telephone equipment, from routers to modems, etc., Huawei entered the market of being smartphones manufacturer in the year 2012, when the company had shipped around 120 million mobile phone devices all across the world.

The company served the bigger markets of Japan, Europe, as well as the United States of America the same year by shipping 30 million handsets, out of which 3.3 million handsets were smartphones.

The company in the year 2015 manufactured two high-end smartphones powered by Android OS from Google, and those handsets were the Huawei P8 and the Huawei P8 Max. Soon after, Huawei entered a partnership with Google to go on to produce the renowned Nexus 6P. Some of the other popular Huawei devices include Huawei Honor 5C, Huawei Mercury M886, etc.


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