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Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme, Features, Benefits, Goals

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About Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme

On 17 September 2020, the state government announced the Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme. The Gujarat govt, in this 2 Wheeler System. Subsidies would be given to purchasing electric scooters to promote electric vehicles’ use to avoid air pollution.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has also announced the commencement of the 2020 Three Wheeler Scheme. In Wheeler Scheme Three, Govt. A subsidy will be given for the purchase of electric rickshaws.

During a virtual climate change program to celebrate the State Department of Climate Change’s founding day, the announcement to launch the Gujarat Two / Three Wheeler Scheme was made.

CM also declared the subsidy of five development schemes in Gujarat to mark Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday as a “Panchsheel gift.”

Features of the Scheme

  • To facilitate the use of two-wheelers and three-wheelers in the state.
  • The goal is to provide 10,000 such vehicles with this assistance.
  • The total electricity installed capacity is 35,500 MW in the state.
  • The government will help students study from Class 9 to college to buy battery-powered two-wheelers under this scheme.

Two-Wheeler Scheme Goal

To promote electric vehicles’ use to avoid air pollution, on Thursday, Vijay Rupani announced sponsorship plans for electric bikes and e-carts. In Gujarat, the CM announced the appropriation as a “Panchsheel gift” of five development plans to commemorate PM Narendra Modi’s 70th birthday celebration.

The Chief Minister announced that understudies would receive an endowment of Rs 12,000 each to purchase e-bikes to report a support plan for the use of battery-fueled bikes three-wheelers.

The legislature would assist understudies concentrated from Class 9 to school to purchase battery-fueled bikes under this initiative. The aim is to provide 10,000 such vehicles with this support.

Beneficiary Profits

  • To purchase e-scooters, students will get a subsidy of Rs 12,000 each.
  • To purchase 5,000 battery-powered e-rickshaws for individual and institutional beneficiaries, the state government will also assist Rs 48,000.
  • The state government will also provide a subsidy of Rs 5 lakh to set up battery-powered vehicle charging infrastructure facilities.

Procedure for applying for the two-wheeler scheme in Gujarat

  • You must first go to the official Gujarat electric vehicle scheme website.
  • In front of you, the home page opens.
  • You must click on the home page to apply online.
  • In front of you, the application form will now open.
  • You have to put all the details needed on the application form, such as name, date of birth, gender, training qualifications, etc.
  • You must upload all the necessary documents now.
  • Then click on the submission button.

Procedure to verify the status of applications

  • Visit the official Portal of the Web.
  • In front of you, the home page opens.
  • You need to click on the application status link on the homepage.
  • A new page is shown before you know.
  • Your application ID must be entered.
  • You need to click on Submit now.
  • Application status would be on the screen of your computer.

Primary documents of the Gujarat two-wheeler scheme eligibility criteria

  • A permanent resident of Gujarat should be the claimant.
  • This method is only for students studying in the 9th to 12th grades.
  • Card Aadhar
  • Certificate from School
  • Details of bank account
  • The passport photograph scale
  • Phone number

The Scheme’s MoU on Climate Change

A virtual MoU with ten partners was marked by the Indian Environment Change Division to pave their way forward in moderating the impacts of climate change and facilitating renewable energy sources through creativity and geo-informatics.

Another MoU was also labeled “Environmental Change Danger Assessment of Moderation” for environmental policy issues with the Indian Foundation of Innovation, Gandhinagar, with the Indian Organizations of Executives, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) to develop, study and upgrade the public use of rational climate and change data.

The Gujarat State Street Transport Company and Gujarat Gas were branded as another virtual MoU to facilitate clean energy vehicles such as NG vehicles. They also strive for the specifics of the construction of houses-sparing vitality rules.

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