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Guidelines for purchasing fitness equipment

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The world is getting conscious of staying healthy. Many choose to get a gym’s membership and rest find out ways to stay in shape at home.

In either of the cases, ideal fitness equipment is essential to solve the purpose. To fetch an affluent gym’s membership is not within everyone’s reach. In such a case, having a fitness machine of own can be a good alternative.

Adding to the several advantages, working out at home is cost-effective, saves time and gives scope to make your workout regime flexible.

The market is flooded with a number of fitness equipment. From treadmills to massage tables, trampolines to home gyms, with the advent of various stores coming into the picture, the availability of choices to the customer is in plentitude.

In such a scenario, without getting baffled, try to identify your need so that you purchase an appropriate fitness machine.


A treadmill helps burning calories and bolsters the endurance of our body with a high level of cardio activity. Based on its versatile usability, treadmills are very popular.

A wide variety of the machines available in the market overwhelms customers. Be a well-informed user and choose the best one, based on your fitness needs.

  • Runner’s movement machines

Most of the inexpensive treadmills evade deploying motor. They are based on the runner’s movement. The machine requires less maintenance owing to the absence of motor. An important commercial gym equipment manual treadmill is indispensable in the household fitness regime as well.

  • Electrical treadmill

The opposite of the runner’s movement, this runs on Direct current (DC) power and operates on two motors. The machine needs occasional maintenance and usually, costs more.

It automatically manages the speed, encouraging you to keep up with the pace. Keep in mind a few things before buying a self-operated tread:

  • The amount of horsepower it offers
  • Large motor machine to ensure high horsepower
  • the type of activity you are performing, this will decide your power usage
  • the treadmill belt you buy should accommodate your longest walking stride

Exercise Bikes

The exercise bike works on the lower body and ensures a good cardiovascular workout. Before buying a bike make sure you are clear about its resistance deliverable and type.

To aid your decision, the following are the different types of bikes, upright, dual-action and recumbent.

Pedaling on a stationary bike devoid of any resistance is of no use. Stationary exercise bikes create resistance, making it easier or harder to pedal through several methods.

The types of resistance you should look in a stationary bike are explained as follows-

  • Direct tension- lets the user to adjust the resistance manually by adjusting the knob.
  • Flywheel- it regulates easy operation of the bike. To create the kinetic energy for the wheels to maintain resistance you need to pedal.
  • Air- lets you pedal against the air pressure from the fan, the harder you pedal the higher the resistance level rises.
  • Magnetic- this type of resistance offers friction-free pedaling. This lets you automatically elevate difficulty level by using the natural attribute of magnets i.e., repulsion.

Various fitness equipment stores bring an ample variety of workout machines at your service. But to make the most of it depends upon your choice. Always consider a physicians’ opinion before starting your fitness regime.



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