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Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3: A heartbreaking farewell to the franchise


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The long-awaited conclusion of the MCU sequel, Guardians of The Galaxy: Vol. 3 delivers the story focused on one of the highlights of the gag, the wise and furry raccoon Rocket.  Neither of the previous movies about the Guardians are so sincere and tender. Yes, the third chapter of Gunn’s trilogy still has all the comic twists and turns which make films about space misfits so different from the Marvel superhero movies. There are buffoonery slo-mo scenes, stomach-churning bizarre aesthetic and wonderfully weird and goofy jokes. To sneak into the station of High Revolutionary, the main villain in the film, the gang wears hilariously odd costumes and becomes a bit looking.

All the epic fights are set with irony and provide many silly moments and goofy gags. Even the henchmen of the High Revolutionary and the High Revolutionary himself look in their lumpy bodysuits a bit similar to Doctor Evil from the parody. As buffoonery and cartoony the graphics are, as tragic, profound and emotional is the plot which is focused on the origins of Rocket, the genetically-engineered and eternally cranky raccoon.

Once a “normal” animal Rocket occasionally became one of the early space experiments of the eugenics-obsessed mad scientist the High Evolutionary (Chuckwudi Iwuji). The maniacal scientist is obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect “species” and perfect society and implanted in Rocket’s head the superbrain.

One day the High Evolutionary understands he needs his scientific data in Rocket back and sends one of his hedgemen, superhero Adam (Will Poulter) to the Guardians headquarters in the Knowhere to kidnap Rocket. As Rocket is attacked and painfully hurt by Adam, it activates the self-destroying program in his brain: he can’t be operated on unless the Guardians use the secret code of the High Revolutionary.

The Guardians only have 48 hours to rescue their furry wiseguy and they need to uncover his origins and find out the secret code for his brain to override the kill switch. During their journey, they will trip to the alternate version of Earth with bizarre animals and to the High Revolutionary corporate front Orgocorp, and not only find the key to Rockets’ survival but face their fears and find the key to understanding themselves.

The ending of Guardians: Vol. 3 is very positive and philosophical: it is the moment when sad tears turn into happy ones. All the beloved Guardians enter a new phase in their lives and it seems that they got closer to finding out who they are and who they want to be. Rocket, the poor raccoon, who suddenly became the space experiment of the maniacal scientist, uncovers his origins: he returns to the base of his creator and sees the cages, where he and his fellow lab rats (genetically engineered otter, bunny, and walrus) were once kept in.

He was the one who managed to escape from his diabolic inventor and realized his dream of flying on spaceships. The Rocket’s flashbacks into his past are heartbreaking: it is the story about a poor little creature with a strong will who always wanted to live and be treated equally as humans. The film delivers a strong message about the importance of true friendship and family relationships:  it doesn’t matter whether you are an alien, an animal, or a human, there is nothing more important than being surrounded with people you love. That’s why this epic movie would certainly be a perfect option for the movie night with your buddies (choose this movie instead of  gambling at live casino or watching the new romantic comedy!)

He sees little encaged raccoons and North America, opens the cages and saves them. It is the tear-dropping moment when little raccoons look at him and run to him, their wh. Nebula, torn apart by her father and childhood traumas, discovers She literally transforms from a brutal warrior into the loving lady, who is ready to fight for her new home. Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), who has been moping around without Gamora, accepts this break: now she has no memory of Star-Lord and is a part of the gang of space pirates.

He understands he must move forward, returns to the Earth and meets his father. Mantis (Pom Klementieff) decides to leave the Guardians and starts a journey to find the purpose of her life. Many of the supporting characters also create new paths for themselves: superficial Adam, who was designed to work for the High Revolutionary, starts caring for a little alien creature and turns to the white side.

The movie soundtrack is brilliant just like in the other films about the prickly space gang. From Radiohead to Florence and the Machine, you will enjoy the perfect tracks and the atmosphere they create (nostalgic, sad, heartbreaking or motivating).

It is shocking how much emotional depth and heart the film has: it combines all the common TGOG gags and with drama about love, purpose of life, self-acceptance and rejection, and the soundtrack also plays its role in it, as the brilliant acting of main and supporting actors.  James Gunn has managed to create a movie about the intergalactic crew in which all the chaotic and bizarre elements make sense and contribute to the break-up epic quest that tackles many important psychological issues.

As emotional, traumatized, eternally cranky and imperfect the Guardians may be, they fight for their found family and true friendship, while the High Revolutionary with the god complex who wants to create a better version of the universe actually hates it and has no humanity at all. This emotional depth is surely the feature which makes the movies of Gunn so human: the Guardians are not superheroes, they are just people who have traumas and pine over their ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.

However, they transform into superheroes when they want to rescue their friends and their universe, and that’s why you as a viewer reflect their feelings on your own and find them so truly sympathetic. To sum up, this movie is a very satisfying and entertaining conclusion of the story of the Guardians: it is full of fun moments and an emotional and heart-warming movie.

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